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Cheap Car Tyres Shop South Auckland, NZ

Trying to find a good deal on new tires?

We can provide you with any sort of used and new tyre including entry level, mid-range and top of the range quality tyres in NZ. Drury Tires is your one-stop tyre shop in South Auckland servicing Manurewa, Takanini, Papakura, Karaka, Ramarama, Pukekohe and beyond.


We are excited to announce that we now accept


$25 Cash back

on purchases over $300 if travelling from further than a 25 km radius.
(Proof of residence required, mention this promotion on arrival.)

FREE nitrogen included

if you are buying four new tyres.
(No caps included. Mention this promotion on arrival.)
Yard the size of a rugby field

Our yard can fit four trucks and dozens of cars at any one time.

Drop into our service centre and enjoy our spacious warm waiting room with free coffee and tea, and toys for the kids. Relax while we take care of your tyres.

Our Tyres

If you’re looking for new & cheap tyres, we’ll give you a great deal. We stock all the top brand tyres, including truck and tractor tyres. Ask about our tyre selection or check out our full range of tyres.

Extra Benefits To You & Our Warranties

The extras include:

  • One week trial on new tyres – if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied
  • Free puncture repairs for the first 6 months on new tyres
  • Trade-in available on your old tyres
  • Get a good trade-in price for your part-worn tyres and a matching set
  • Road hazard guarantee (1 year) on all new UHP Hankook tyres

Whenever you need help with tyres, call us on 09 294 8139, enquire online or chat with us (see the green widget in the bottom right) and we’ll be in touch ASAP. 

Why A Cheap Car Service In Auckland Is On The Cards

A car is a big responsibility. It’s not a one-off buy that will remain in great condition indefinitely. Cars need maintenance and regular servicing to ensure that they run smoothly. This extends beyond buying the best tyres from us. That’s just the starting point of our business; there’s so much more to what we do.

And, if care repair and maintenance are costs you haven’t budgeted for, it’s time to consider them now.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to dig too deep into your pocket or go on a desperate search for cheap mechanics in south Auckland either.  For a Cheap Car Service Auckland car owners in various areas rely on us to ensure that their vehicle is in a great roadworthy condition. And, we are also able to handle other bigger vehicles – including trucks.

It must be emphasised that the only cheap part of our car services is the cost to you. Everything is conducted with our high-quality stamp of approval and professionalism. We are the experts in tyres, wheel alignment and warranty of fitness. We hope that’s a reminder to you to check up when your warranty of fitness expires – as that’s a sure way to tell if your vehicle needs service.

We are pedantic about getting all your vehicle components in good working condition and will examine each part carefully – brakes, shock absorbers, batteries, engine oil, wiper blades, exhaust and cooling systems and of course, check if your seatbelts are working properly.

The danger of not getting your car serviced regularly is that minor problems can creep in and the last thing you would want is an engine that refuses to start.

For a cheap car service that ticks all the right boxes in Auckland, get in touch with us today.




  • Wheel Alignments
  • Call Hour Service
  • Warrant Of Fitness
  • Performance Centre
  • A Wide Range of Tyres
  • Old Classic Wheel Rims and Hubs

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