Four Car Service Checks That Will Improve The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Car

Monday, July 15, 2019

You may be quite familiar with the benefits of regularly servicing your car, but did you know that having your car checked by qualified technicians at a professional car service centre will save you money for months to come? By improving your fuel efficiency, you can save a significant amount whenever you fill up. Here’s a quick look at some Auckland car service checks that could help you get more mileage per litre of fuel.

1.Oil Check And Change

Motor oil bears a direct role in how effectively a vehicle uses fuel. Using the right type of motor oil for your car (there are different grades and consistencies) and changing it at recommended intervals helps to increase fuel efficiency. Having a qualified mechanic doing this for you will help avoid these common issues:

  • The build-up of sludge and other harmful particles in the engine, which reduces the integrity of the oil to be used, effectively resulting in the engine having to work harder.
  • Lower mileage and performance as old oil breaks down when exposed to heat which contributes to its diminishing effects on the way an engine is run.
  • Placing additional stress on the engine by using the incorrect type of engine oil

2.Replace Clogged Air Filters

Engine performance relates to fuel usage, and another small replacement that will dramatically help you save on fuel costs is replacing your dirty air filters. Clogged filters decrease performance levels, while new filters can improve fuel economy by as much as 10%.

3.Replace Worn Out Spark Plugs

Worn out or misfiring spark plugs will impact fuel efficiency. A routine car service can check the condition of your spark plugs and replace them with new ones if required. Motorists can lose up to 30% of their fuel efficiency due to bad spark plugs.

4.Check Tire Pressure

One of the common dangers of driving with under-inflated tires is the possibility of a blowout, raising the risk of a collision. Not only can under-inflated tires ruin the lifespan of tires quicker, but it will also reduce the effectiveness of a car’s fuel economy. A car service will check on your tire’s condition and ensure they have the correct pressure.

If the fuel economy of your vehicle is not what it should or could be, the knowledgeable mechanics at Drury Tires can help determine the cause. Give us a call today for a quality yet cheap car service.