Getting a Warrant of Fitness for Your Vehicle

Monday, October 29, 2018




A warrant of fitness is a routine physical examination for your car. It includes inspection of suspension and steering, to ensure it is tight and safe. Safety belts, airbags and the speedometer must all be working. The fuel system and exhaust will all be checked to ensure there are no leaks. Tyres are checked for sufficient tread, and lights, windscreen washers and brakes are all tested.

Why Do I Need One?


It’s important to maintain your warrant of fitness for the same reason it’s important to do a routine physical. It’s important to catch problems when they are small and fixable before they become significant and dangerous.


Importantly, it is illegal to drive a car in New Zealand without one. The only exception is if you are driving it to a Warrant of Fitness service centre, provided it is fit to do so.

Maintaining your car’s standards creates a shared level of safety on the road. If your car is unsafe then you aren’t the only one at risk if you drive it. You endanger the whole community.

It’s also a really important document for anyone buying or selling a car to inspect. For a prospective buyer, it indicates the car meets safety requirements. A car without a Warrant of Fitness may require thousands of dollars of repairs to make it roadworthy.

What Are the Benefits?


The most important benefit of a Warrant of Fitness service is peace of mind on the roads. You know your car is safe, and that’s priceless. You’ll also avoid a fine if you are pulled over. Many drivers are caught out by small defects that could have been addressed in this service.

Regular servicing allows technicians to catch problems before they become a big deal. A car with a Warrant of Fitness is also going to be easier to sell at a higher price than one without.

What a Warrant of Fitness Is Not


A Warrant of Fitness is not a full vehicle inspection. A Warrant of Fitness will only look for rust that is dangerous and the engine and transmission are not typically checked. Importantly, oil and lubricants are not checked. A Warrant of Fitness is unlikely to take note of exterior panel defects and scratches. Even if your car has been given this all clear, you should still take it to the mechanic if something seems wrong.


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