New Zealand’s Favourite Car Colours and Tyres

Monday, July 09, 2018

New Zealand is well known for its beautiful landscape and serene atmosphere, but let’s not forget that New Zealand is also a place best explored by car. When it comes to cars trends in New Zealand, they are varied.

In  Auckland, you will find cars of all shapes and sizes and of course colours on its busy motorways and down residential side streets in leafy suburbs.

If you’re looking for the trendiest car colours and tyres in NZ, we’ve got the guide for you here:


New Zealand’s Favourite Car Colours

In New Zealand, the popularity of car colours vary, and we can only hazard a guess as to why some car colours are more popular than others!

Here are this beautiful country’s favourite colour choices for their vehicles:


Silver is a popular choice with many kiwis choosing it as their preferred colour in a car. Maybe that’s because it’s attractive, maybe it’s because there’s plenty of silver cars around, or maybe people see silver as stylish and elegant.


White cars are popular in NZ and many other countries. White can look great on any car type, and also is known for having better visibility than other colour cars.


Blue is a lovely neutral colour that suits any demographic looking to purchase a car, which is probably what makes it so popular


Black resembles sleek, suave and smooth. It’s no wonder that black would a popular car choice amongst the New Zealand population, who know style so well.

Popular Tyre BRANDS

In New Zealand, most drivers are looking for quality tyres with a good reputation, at a reasonable price. When you’re looking for the most popular tyre brands in NZ, you can’t go past:


Hankook Tyres are known as the 7th largest tyre manufacturer in the world, as well as being one of the most fast growing tyre companies. When it comes to tyres, people find comfort in knowing they are putting tyres on their vehicle by a reputable brand and that’s what makes them so popular.

GT Radial

GT Radial tyres are the one of the only tyres sold in New Zealand that come with a 5 year replacement guarantee, and peace of mind is what you need when it comes to putting your tyres to the New Zealand road test.


We love to keep up with technology in New Zealand, and that’s where the Dunlop tyre popularity comes in. Dunlop is the leading tyre manufacturer when it comes to innovation and tyre technology, making them popular both on New Zealand’s roads and on the racetrack.

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