Reinventing The Wheel: 5 Interesting Facts About Car Tyres

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Motor vehicles have become a standard part of our daily lives, and most Kiwis own at least one. The Transport Ministry’s latest reports say there are well over 3.6 million cars on our roads. You might rely on your vehicle to get you from A to B, but how much do you know about the different parts that make it up? In this article, we share some fun and insightful facts that you may not know about car tyres, as provided by the NZ tyre experts at Drury Tyres. 

1. Performance Levels Vary Depending On Terrain & Weather Conditions 

Tyres consist of rubber and this material reacts differently in different conditions. Driving on dry tarmac in summer is entirely different from manoeuvring across an icy pavement during winter. It’s why an assortment of tyre types exist. Consult with an expert about when to switch yours. Always exercise caution, especially when the weather takes a different direction. 

2. Tyres And Pencils Have Something In Common 

The business that created Crayola Crayons, Binney & Smith, discovered that carbon is a great reinforcer of the material making up tyres. To this day, we still add carbon to tyres to make them more robust and durable. It means that pencils and tyres have something in common! 

3. Your Favourite Toy Company, LEGO Was The Top Tyre Manufacturer Globally 

According to 2011 statistics, toy manufacturer LEGO topped the list of leading tyre manufacturers that year. These aren’t real tyres of course, but rather tyres for their various models and sets – ranging from 14.4 to 107 millimetres in diameter. 

4. Low Rolling Resistance Tyres Can Help You Cut Fuel Expenses 

Simply put, these types of tyres reduce the amount of work the car engine has to do to move. It reduces your fuel consumption, meaning a better fuel economy for your car. 

5. Spare Tyres Aren’t Always Part Of The Deal With New Car Purchases 

Many car dealerships don’t include a spare tyre when you buy a new car. They might add a patching kit, but that’s about it. Don’t be caught out at the worst possible moment – make sure you have one right now. 

We hope these facts will have you looking at your tyres in a new and more appreciative light. If you have any other tyre related questions you’d like to ask, then don’t hesitate to contact the NZ tyre experts at Drury Tyres.