Talk to the Experts before Getting Your New Tyres

Monday, November 05, 2018


A wise man once said you don’t know what you don’t know. When it comes to tyres, there’s a lot of knowledge and experience that sets an expert apart from the general public. An expert can tell you why one tyre might be wearing more than others, and what tyre is appropriate for what vehicle under specific or broad road conditions.

If you need new tyres often, there may be a problem with your wheel alignment or the pressure of your tyres. You may be using the wrong tyres, and putting yourself and the public at risk. There is a myriad of factors which could be contributing to overwear or decreasing fuel efficiency. A good tyre expert has spent a lot of their time around cars and will figure out the problem. They may also be able to spot other problems or violations of Warrant of Fitness conditions that you can fix before they become bigger problems.

Tyres can cost a lot of money and getting the right advice from experts can save you a lot of money in the long run. The right tyres and service will ensure longevity, safety and comfort. Using iffy tyres can cause problems with increased drag, unbalanced steering and increased likelihood of failure. When you remember that tyres literally form the connection between the ground and your vehicle, it’s a simple matter of pragmatism to listen to the experts.


Additional Services


At Drury Tires, selling tyres is only the start of our business services. We will fit and balance your new tyres for free. We also offer wheel alignment, tyre pressure monitoring and Warrant of Fitness services.

While your vehicle is being serviced, we also have a spacious waiting area with toys for the kids and free tea and coffee for you. Subject to the duration of your service and availability, we also have a courtesy car.

In addition to our customer-focused service onsite, we also guarantee our work. If you aren’t happy with your new tyres, you can return them freely within the first week. We will also do a free puncture repair on any new tyre within the first six months of its life so know that we are also looking out for you on the road.

We also offer a 24/7 callout service – another great reason to make Drury Tires your trusted tyre professionals.

Ready to Talk to the Experts?


Call us on 02 294 8139 and we’ll take care of you. You can also reach us online or come into the store and talk with one of our expert tyre consultants in person. Let us give your vehicle the tyre treatment it deserves, and why not have your Warrant of Service updated at the same time?