Does Your Tire Shop Offer A Nitro Fill Service? Here’s Why You Need One

Friday, July 19, 2019

So you’ve heard about nitro filled tires and that they benefit your tyre’s longevity – but you’re not sure why this is better than a standard filling process. Why does nitrogen make for a better-inflated tire? As it turns out, the molecular structure of nitro gas can afford your tires many advantages, so you may want to find an Auckland tyre shop offering a nitro fill service. Keep reading to find out how it works and why you should try it.

The Science Behind Nitro Fill Tires

Pure nitrogen gas is non-corrosive and non-flammable. Unlike the life-reducing effects of air on rubber (when exposed to air over time rubber becomes vulnerable and will deteriorate), nitrogen has no damaging effect on rubber. As the gas is dry and doesn’t hold heat, tires can run cooler, and any vibration and balance problems are eliminated.

Tire pressure variation is also avoided as nitrogen gas doesn’t move through the tire, and there’s little risk of pressure loss compared to air-filled tires. It’s mainly for these reasons that nitrogen inflation tires have long been used in motorsports, aviation and the space industry.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy With Nitro Filled Tires

1.Slower Rate Of Pressure Loss

Tires filled with compressed air require car owners to check on tire pressure at least once a month. This is extended to about six months with nitro fill tires as nitrogen gas doesn’t escape the inner tube as quickly as air. A secondary benefit is that there’s less risk of the tire being under-inflated and causing a blowout.

2.Tires Run Cooler

As nitro filled tires don’t heat up as they do with compressed air, the service life of tire treads is extended – up to 20% in some cases. This keeps you safer on the road for longer and prevents issues relating to worn tire tread.

3.Better For The Environment

Two benefits apply to green-friendly nitro filled tires: reduced emissions, and as tires last longer they don’t need to be disposed of as quickly, keeping them from ending up in our already overcrowded landfills.

To change from having a compressed air tire to a nitro fill one, all the air must be drained from the tire before it’s inflated with nitrogen. If you’d like to know what a nitro fill service costs, call Drury Tires. As a full-service tire shop in Auckland, we can offer you a quality nitro fill service.