Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Does your car have a factory fitted TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) yellow tyre pressure warning lamp? TPMS gives you advance warning of low tyre pressure before your tyre is damaged by running on flat. Drury Tires has the latest technology and full service parts range. Let us know what your needs are.

Why Your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – TPMS – Is Important For Overall Vehicle Safety

Your tyres and the condition they’re in are perhaps the most crucial parts of your vehicle. They keep you firmly on the road and ensure your car moves smoothly through traffic.  Gone, are the days of having to physically look at your tyres to check if they are all well-inflated. You don’t even need to feel a wobble or a tilt on your vehicle to let you know that the pressure in one of your tyres is low. The factory-fitted Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – TPMS – does this job for you.

As soon as that yellow tyre pressure warning light is activated, you need to take action. This light is telling you that your tyre pressure is low and needs to be attended to. If you do not, you run the risk of having a flat tyre which puts you and your passenger’s safety at jeopardy. This could also damage your tyre completely resulting in the need for a new one – which means more money. And that’s not all.

If you have checked all your tyres, and the light is still activated then there could be something technical going on. 

You don’t have to stress about this. Come to us, and we will assist you. We’re professionals in TMPS and we are fully stocked with all the parts and the latest technology. We will conduct an inspection and find out what’s keeping your TMPS warning light activated. Here’s what we offer:

  • Complete sensor testing
  • Cost effective sensor replacement at 1/3 of the price of a factory-fitted sensors
  • Maintenance on your TMPS system – whether it’s a new or an existing one
  • Reprogramming/relearning of the TMPS computer system

Once we have fixed any problems, you will be back on the road, ready to enjoy those long journeys without worrying about your tyres.

Get in touch with us today for help with your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System!

Come to Drury Tires, your TPMS professionals, to have it turned off and get full TPMS service, includes:

  • Sensor testing
  • Economical sensor replacement – cloned sensor replacement for 1/3 of the price of a factory sensor (from $200)
  • TPMS computer re-learning
  • Full stock of service parts

We do full fitting and maintenance on new and existing Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. Call us on (09) 2948139 to arrange a TPMS inspection.