Wheel Alignment

Drury Tires are proud to have Neville Laker, our head mechanic, on the team. Neville has been aligning wheels for 30 years and is possibly the best aligner tech in New Zealand.

Neville is extremely thorough and will perform checks on the camber, caster and toe. He takes pride in his workmanship and won’t let you drive away until you’re totally satisfied. We use two or four wheel computerised alignments. 

  • Two wheel computerised alignments are $59 or four wheel computerised alignments are $72 inclusive of GST.
  • All our tyres and alignments are recorded against your number plate and mileage. The good news for you and your car is that if you experience premature wear, we can check out your wheels to see what’s causing the problems and fix them for you.

New shocks, springs, struts, CV boots and joints and other steering and suspension components are professionally replaced if required. We can also do any other work you need done with other systems, so you can fix whatever needs fixing as well.

Please note: Some wheel alignment work may require a WOF certification. If you’re not sure if your current WOF is up to date, or if the usual suspects with wheel alignment problems are involved (steering, suspension, brakes, etc.), ask us for any guidance you need about WOF requirements.  

For all your wheel alignment and tyre needs, call us on 09 294 8139 or contact us online and we’ll respond ASAP. Whenever you want tyres in South Auckland or need some friendly expert help with your car, we’re here to help.