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Your Trusted Tyre Experts Since 1980: Unparalleled Service and Quality

We have been selling tyres since 1980 and we believe we are still your best choice for tyres, WOF, batteries, wheel alignments, mag wheels and mechanical

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our customers selling high quality tyres at affordable price

The Drury Tires family business has proudly been supplying a huge range of both new and used tyres to Auckland motorists. From our premium range for luxury sports cars and muscle cars to affordable used tyres that come with a full guarantee, allow Drury Tires to keep you safe on the roads with tyres that will improve grip, reduce fuel consumption and improve your driving experience.

Huge Range Of Tyres  

With over 4,000 tyres in stock, Drury Tires have options to solve your tyre requirements. Specialising in high-performance tyres for classic and performance vehicles, we source the premium tyres based on your vehicle, for the best price. Our range of tyres suits all types of vehicles; from motorhomes to RVs, trucks to tractors, small cars to SUVs. 


At Drury Tires, quality and affordability go hand in hand. Based on your budget, our specialist mechanics can advise customers on appropriate tyres to help get the most for their money. Being an independent company, we aren’t locked into selling certain brands, giving us a big advantage over our competitors. We simply aim to source the best tyre choice for each individual customer based on their needs, budget, vehicle type and driving style. Rely on Drury Tires’ knowledge to help you make a smart choice and we’ll fit and balance your new tyres at no extra cost.


  • One week trial on new tyres – if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied
  • Free puncture repairs for the first 6 months on new tyres
  • Trade-in available on your old tyres
  • Road hazard guarantee (1 year) on all new UHP Hankook tyres
  • As time is money we realize that not everyone can wait, therefore for $1 per km you can rent one of our promotional cars
  • We reuse your old rubbish tyres rather than relocating them which is a major environmental problem.

Book a WOF or Affordable Car Service in Auckland

Ensure your car is maintained and regularly serviced with your local Auckland mechanics, at Drury Tires. Providing reliable and high-quality car services, we are more than just tyres. Book with us for your upcoming warrant of fitness to ensure your car is roadworthy as we carefully examine your vehicle’s components and safety features. 

To prevent expensive repairs, keep your vehicle running well with an affordable annual service performed by Drury Tires’ staff. We are passionate about returning your car to you in prime condition with oil changes, air filter changes, brake inspections, radiator and coolant checks, wheel bearings and suspension, and testing your electrical components. Choose the level of car service you require and we’ll take care of the rest. We can also perform a specialist wheel alignment and inspect your tyres. A Drury Tires car service will:

  • Enhance vehicle reliability by replacing and servicing parts before failure
  • Smoother running engine with lubricated components 
  • Improve driving and steering performance
  • Maintain a higher vehicle resale value

For an affordable car service in Auckland that ticks all the right boxes, book with Drury Tires today.

Mag wheels are a great investment for your vehicle. They are strong, durable and lightweight, can reduce fuel consumption and improve driving performance. If you want to make the move to mag wheels, Drury Tires can facilitate a great deal on all alloy wheels from the leading suppliers.

  • Lighter wheels read the road better for improved comfort
  • Achieve better grip
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improve the look of your vehicle

Mag Wheels Repair In Auckland

Despite the strength of mag wheels and the longevity they provide, if your wheels become damaged, bring them to Drury Tires for specialist mag wheels repairs. We help rejuvenate both painted and machine-faced alloy wheels, factory or aftermarket wheels. Curb damage, gutter rash, mag wheel scratches and more. Whatever the damage to your alloy wheels, Drury Tires can offer a cost-effective solution.

Stay on the road and enjoy premium mag wheels and repairs from your South Auckland specialists.


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With almost 40 years of experience in the tyre industry, Drury Tires has grown to be the largest individual tyre retail store in New Zealand employing 19 full time staff.

Adrian and Louella Wright are proud of the way the family business has grown, which has come about by the family values they instilled into their children.

The family business has a full guarantee on every tyre they sell, this includes the huge range of good quality used tyres they stock as well as the copious amount of new tyres Drury Tires stock.

They specialise in old school factory steel wheel rims and also they are now doing wheel alignments on motor-homes, camper-vans, vintage, classic, hot-rods and muscle cars.
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