Our qualified mechanic in south Auckland is up to the task in completing any minor or major mechanical work, reasonably priced and highly efficient. Find out more about the services we provide below.

Drury Tires can perform your oil change and regular service (5,000 / 10,000 / 20,000 km intervals) from early model multi-grade oils to very late model Euro spec oils. Basic or extensive service options available with checks, adjustments and top ups of all your critical lubricants and coolants. Call us for a quote on your make and model and to book an appointment.

Brake Disc Skimming – the process of skimming over the top of a brake disc to restore the disc’s surface – is an effective and cost efficient way of bringing your brakes back up to standard, giving you greater control of your vehicle in all weather conditions.
Skimming is considerably cheaper than replacement, and with our experience in the performance vehicle industry we can save you significant amounts of money, as well as bringing back a sharper, cleaner look and better braking power.

We’re fully mobile so we can come to you if need be. A call out fee and mileage will apply. Therefore it is cheaper if you come to us.

Our mobile service vans also feature a portable brake skimming machine. This is fantastic for the cars where it is difficult to remove the rotors / disc pads.

Drury Tires also specializes in skimming drum brakes which are fitted to the old classic European and American cars.

Drury Tires stock and recommend the RDA brake pad range. This includes the RDB RDC and the heavy duty RDX options. We also sell and recommend Bendix, Bosh, Brembo, C-Plus, DBA, Phantom and the Trans range of brake pads.

Does Your Brake System Require Servicing?

If your brake warning light is on, your vehicle requires immediate brake servicing. Brakes servicing is not something that should be put off or ignored. Failing to fix your damaged brakes may result in serious accidents and harm.

While it may be clear in some cases that your brakes require servicing, it’s not always easy to know. Sometimes there are less-obvious warning signs that your brakes need attention.

Warning Signs

  • Your car taking longer to stop than usual
  • Hearing a screeching or grinding sound while braking
  • Your car losing grip while braking
  • Your car pulling to the left or right while braking
  • Your brake pedal is spongy or feels unusual
  • Your steering wheel shuddering when you brake

Drury Tires are now doing WOF for cars, vans and light trucks.

We are committed to keeping you and your family safe on the road. Find out more about our WOF service and our FREE 12 point safety check valued at $65.

Find Out More

We at Drury Tires now offer full mechanical on ALL vehicles and light trucks. Our qualified mechanic in south Auckland is up to the task in completing any minor or major mechanical work, reasonably priced and highly efficient. Call us today to see what we have to offer and our competitive prices.

Drury Tires are now offering full car valet. This service is for all vehicles but we specialise in Motor-homes. Our team do a brilliant job, phone Anthony or Darren to discuss exactly what you would like done.

  • Wash exterior
  • Vacuum interior
  • Vacuum boot
  • Windows cleaned
  • Wheels washed
  • Tyres & mudflaps dressed
  • Interior (wiped over)
  • Door jambs (quick wipe)
  • Full wax and Polish if required.
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Tarnya Burge
I highly recommend them for tyres, wheel alignments etc. I have more recently started going to them for my regular car servicing and I have always been very happy with the service and the price. The staff are excellent and have a great sense of humour. Good honest value for money, with a smile,
Ivan Zhelyazkov
Fantastic service. Been with these people for years now. Honest and skillful bunch. Tyres, WOF, Car repairs.. They have my highest recomendations. Got my friends to visit once, they would not go anywhere else. Thanks guys! Respect.
Marc Nanai
Customers well looked after on price and excellent service. Just awesome.
shane dyer
Returned to Dury tires for a full service on my Nissan Murano. Excellent service with a little entertainment from the staff who are so happy and energetic.
James Sigley
Wow!! I travel 20kms just to use these guys because they offer such good service. Family owned, free tea/coffee and car enthusiasts that actually speak non-techy and are honest! If 6 stars were available I would give it to these guys!
Tayla Jelavich
Honest and happy to help these guys down at drury tires are awesome!



We have been blessed with having Francis as our head mechanic. He has great mechanical skills and knowledge and is a well-respected team member. He is very passionate about ensuring every customer has value in the work he does. If he gets the job done faster than the allocated time frame, he makes sure that the customer benefits from that financially.

If your wanting a thorough mechanical job done on any vehicle then come down and see Francis.



Our extensive experience in the industry enables us to give excellent advice on the best products to ensure you get the most from your vehicle. We stock only quality products and offer a full guarantee on the products and services we provide.

We open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6pm and Saturday from 7:30am until 2:30pm.