If you’re constantly experiencing problems with your vehicle, then you have probably been to visit several mechanics without ever settling on the right one. This can be the source of many headaches, sleepless nights and considerable money spent on trying to fix the problem/s but failing.

You’re not the technical expert, so you are likely to be feeling a bit helpless in your search for a great mechanic in South Auckland. But, help is at hand. Here are a few characteristics that you should look out for when looking for a mechanic before you satisfy yourself that they can deliver the service that your car needs:

1.Able to communicate effectively

A great mechanic must be friendly, polite and eager to help. It’s also important to be able to translate all the technical terms into plain-speak so that you understand exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and what they will be doing to fix the problem.

2.Possesses strong technical skills

You should spend some time with the mechanic to assess their comfort with the technical side of a car and skills. This may entail watching them as they use tools and diagnostic testing technology. These always need to be of high-quality and up to the latest standards.

3.Good credentials, certificates and training

Ask the mechanic about their credentials, training and experience. A qualification or any certificates are always good to have. It shows their commitment to the field and their desire to up-skill themselves.

4.Finally, and arguably the most important – they must be passionate

A passionate mechanic will see every job as a new, exciting opportunity and a challenge to solve. If they are driven by passion, they won’t want to let themselves down, let alone you. This can be an even bigger attribute than any qualification on paper. Here, their experience and love for that they do is what counts the most.

Finding a great mechanic in Auckland may seem like a difficult task but we’ve done the work for you in this blog. We also employ some of the best mechanics in South Auckland and they are ready to help you. Visit us