When you buy a new car, your initial reaction will be excitement. There’s nothing like having the freedom to travel as you please in a comfortable vehicle that still has that new car smell. After some time, you’ll realise that your new car comes with responsibilities. You’ll need to pay for fuel, servicing and maintenance costs, and in time there’s a good chance you’ll need tyre replacements. Your first instinct might be to spring for brand new ones, but this isn’t your only choice. You could save money by choosing used tyres and they aren’t necessarily less safe than new ones. We’ve reviewed a few common misconceptions you might have about used tyres to help inform your decision.

Myth #1: Used Tyres Go “Boom!” If Inflated Too Much

Have you ever heard that an overly full used tyre will eventually burst? This belief isn’t entirely accurate. The air in a tyre doesn’t cause an explosion on its own. The problem occurs if you hit a hard object, such as a pavement or pothole. If you keep with the prescribed pressure to maximise on tyre safety you will avoid this.

Myth #2: Rather Replace The Front With Used Tyres – The Back Doesn’t Matter

Many of us have heard that the front tyres get worn out faster, so they’re the priority for replacement. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless you’re driving around on a front-end wheelie, all your tyres are getting their fair share of wear and tear. Whether you buy new or used tyres for your car – ensure that you replace all four tyres at once.

Myth #3: Deflate Your Used Tires Slightly In Rainy Weather

The idea that a deflated used tyre has a better grip on wet, slippery roads is unfounded. There’s no evidence to support it. In fact, all it will do is slow the car down and cause damage to the tyre itself. In a nutshell: It does no good to drive around with semi-flat tyres in the rain. Rather keep the pressure at the ideal level, follow all road rules and drive with caution.

Myth #4: Brand New Tyres Always Perform Better Than Used Ones

At face value, this seems like an obvious argument. If it’s new, then it must perform better, right? This isn’t always true. Provided you go to a specialist in tyres, you could walk away with high quality and a pre-owned set for less.

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