Your car is due for its next service. You aren’t happy with the last garage that took a look at it, so you’d like to try a new one this time. You also want to make sure you walk into the process informed and prepared. At Drury Tires, we believe that every car owner should be aware of what they can expect from the business servicing their car. In turn, they should also be mindful of how they – as the customer – can make the servicing process go quicker and easier. Being prepared means you’ll get the best results from the process. Here are a few pointers to help you to prepare for your next  car service, as approved by our South Auckland automotive experts.

Prep Tip #1: Clean Up What You Can, Inside & Out

A clean car is much easier to service. Some garages have car wash services, but this will cost you an additional amount. If you have the time, clear away any unnecessary things from inside the car such as jackets, takeaway cups and books. Vacuum the interior to get rid of dust inside, then hose down and wipe off your car.

Prep Tip #2: Take Note Of Concerning Areas

If you’ve seen or heard something that isn’t quite right with the car, take note of it. This information will help your mechanics, as they’ll know where to start checking. The whole car will still be inspected, but this way they’ll be able to pay attention to the areas that require it the most. Nothing falls through the cracks this way.

Prep Tip #3: Do Some Research On Car Part Costs

This pointer is for your peace of mind. Garages sell car parts for different prices, depending on a variety of factors. Look around to see what the average price is, just in case you’ll need to buy replacement parts. Remember that cheaper isn’t equal to better. Find the right balance between affordability and good quality.

Prep Tip #4: Check The Tyre Tread

In a previous blog, we taught you how to check your tyre tread. It helps to know what your current tread is in advance so that you can see if you might need replacement tyres. You’ll be able to budget in advance so that the extra cost won’t come as a shock.

Whether you need advice on booking your next car service or suspect you need to replace a few parts; it’s easier to get all your needs taken care of at a single location. For this, you can contact Drury Tyres in South Auckland.