5 Big Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

5 Big Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

At our fully equipped workshop in South Auckland, we do oil and filter changes as part of our mechanical services. We strongly encourage you to schedule regular oil changes with us instead of waiting until you really, really have to do it. There are so many benefits when you do ask us to change your oil for you – and it’s far less messy when we do the job for you as well!

Here are some of the biggest advantages of booking in regular oil changes (and don’t forget the filters too):

  • Regular oil changes will help to keep your engine clean but can also greatly improve the performance of your vehicle. The oil in your car carries dirt, debris, and other particles as it flows into the engine. Because of this, sludge accumulates over time and when you leave it too long, engine performance suffers. By changing your engine oil and replacing your filters, engine efficiency is improved to a significant degree.
  • An oil change greatly improves engine performance and this, in turn, maximises the vehicle’s ability to use fuel more efficiently. This increases mileage and brings you substantial savings on your fuel bills.
  • nchanged oil is dirty oil! Very dirty! As such, these particles increase friction and speeds up wear and tear in your engine, reducing its life span. Regular oil changes will give your engine renewed life and reduce the need for costly repairs.
  • Engine components generate a lot of heat as they constantly move at high speeds. Fresh and clean oil maintains the correct lubrication so that all moving parts create minimal friction, which avoids overheating of the engine’s different components.

Don’t leave it too long between oil changes. In the same way that a new set of tyres delivers a smoother drive, improved handling, increased fuel efficiency and optimum performance, fresh oil delivers similar benefits. We have early model multi-grade oils to very late model Euro-spec oils in our workshop, so no matter what you drive, we can help you out. We offer basic or extensive service options available with checks, adjustments and top-ups of all your critical lubricants and coolants. And don’t forget all of our other mechanical services! These include transmission servicing, Warrants of Fitness, and general mechanical repairs.

Call us for a quote on your make and model and to book an appointment for any service you require.