A Cheap Car Service In Auckland OR DIY Car Maintenance Will Cost You In The End

A Cheap Car Service In Auckland OR DIY Car Maintenance Will Cost You In The End

So your car service is coming up and you may be thinking about saving money by doing it yourself or opting for a cheap car service in Auckland. Think again. While you might save money now, you’ll rack up costs later on by going down these cheaper roads.

It’s best to invest in a job well done and here’s why:

Get Back On The Road Sooner 

If you get out your tools and start clanking away, then you can expect to be without your car for longer. Your lack of experience and skills will set you back timewise, and take much longer than a professional service. Unlike cheap garages, reputable mechanics have access to the latest tools which speed up the process, and they’ll do a thorough job which will help avoid ongoing problems.

Reduce Your Risk  

By doing it yourself, particularly if you don’t know much about cars, you’re at risk of exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and dangerous situations. A professional mechanic is well aware of those risks and takes steps to avoid them. On the other hand, you might be totally oblivious to potential dangers until it’s too late.

Less Chance Of Breakdowns And Accidents

A professional job will keep you and your passengers safe. On the other hand, cheap car service in Auckland, or DIY car maintenance, could expose you and those you drive with to breakdowns and, even worse, accidents. Damaging your car systems and engine parts is a real possibility if you’re not sure what you are doing, and this can lead to breakdowns or even accidents. Unqualified mechanics can put you in the same situation. Even if a cheap, sub-standard job doesn’t result in an accident, it could still have a big financial cost; replacing parts or fixing other problems are common results of a cheap service or DIY project.

Protect Your Warranty Or Extended Warranty

By going with a cheaper mechanic,  or doing a service yourself, you not only risk damaging the car but you can also void a manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty. Most of the time, certified and trained mechanics need to perform certain repairs and services. And if you’re in an accident after doing a DIY service or taking your car for a cheaper service, you could be liable for negligence as well as other legal costs.

Don’t do it yourself. Don’t let someone else do it if they’re not up to it. Do it properly. Whether your tyres or oil need changing, your transmission requires a service, or any other vehicle servicing is needed, contact us at Drury Tires for superb service and quality workmanship.