A Cheap Tyre Is Not An Unsafe Tyre

A Cheap Tyre Is Not An Unsafe Tyre

We have a heck of a lot of tyres in our range.  Tyres for vehicles of all shapes and sizes; trucks, to tractors, to campervans, to recreational vehicles, to family sedans. We have tyres for every budget too. We supply and fit more expensive premium brands as well as high-performance tyres. At the other end of the scale, we have used and budget tyres. They’re cheap because we understand not everyone can splash out lots of cash when it comes to replacing their tyres.

We always say that you should buy the best tyres you can afford. By doing that, your vehicle will be as safe as it can possibly be, with improved performance, handling and fuel consumption. Your overall driving experience will be a much nicer one. If you have the budget for premium tyres, go for it. But if you don’t, our cheap or used tyres will still do a good job.

A cheap tyre from Drury Tyres is not an unsafe tyre. We would never sell you anything that we thought might be potentially dangerous. Our low-cost tyres are reliable and very good for driving around town where performance isn’t as important given that you’re typically travelling at a slower speed anyway.

The same applies to our second-hand tyres. Ours come with a full guarantee, and we check them thoroughly before selling them. While used tyres might have a dubious reputation in some quarters, we can assure you that the ones we stock are as good as they can be and will do a top job if you’re driving around town.

If you are on a tight budget – and many of us are these days – then we encourage you to check out our second hand and low-cost new tyres. And you should contact us to check for any deals. From time to time we’ll have manufacturer specials or reduced prices on our top-quality tyres. So you never know your luck. You won’t know if you don’t ask!

As we said earlier, a cheap tyre is not an unsafe tyre. Not when you buy it from us anyway. You can have total peace of mind that our low-cost tyres are of decent quality and will serve you well until you have the cash in the bank to invest in a better set.