Are Budget Tyres Good Too?

Are Budget Tyres Good Too?

Are Budget Tyres Good?

There’s a difference between cheap tyres and budget tyres. When it comes to your rubber hitting the road, you need quality tyres to ensure safe braking and stopping, good grip in all weather conditions, easy steering and a tyre that is going to save you money on fuel. Investing in high quality tyres is a good idea but not all of us can afford to buy four expensive tyres at a time. So, should we buy cheap? Well, there are tyres out there that are very cheap but will cost you more money in the long-term as they wear quickly, need changing sooner and don’t offer the same efficiency and safety as better tyres. 

At Drury Tires, we understand the needs of our customers in terms of balancing quality with price. We only sell tyres we trust. If you require an entry level tyre that’s affordable we can help. We also have over 2,000 good used tyres in stock that come with a full guarantee.


One positive of budget tyres is a lower upfront cost. If you aren’t doing extensive kilometres of driving each month, they are well suited to your car as a cheaper alternative to high-end tyres. We also operate some great benefits when it comes to purchasing your tyres with us. We fit and balance all your new tyres at no extra cost and operate a return policy if you aren’t happy with your tyres within the first week. For used tyres, Auckland residents trust us to give them a good trade-in so that money can go into your new tyres and on top of that we offer cash back on certain purchases if you live over 25km from us.


Our range of high-quality tyres predictably give you better performance than budget or second hand tyres would. Handling and fuel consumption is unlikely to be as good as more expensive tyres and you will get a reduced lifespan with used tyres but this is evened out by saving money. 

What we’ll do to help

With our vast experience and knowledge, we’ll ensure you find the perfect product for you at the price you want. Don’t like the tyres we recommended? We’ll swap them for free. Hidden costs? You’ll find none with us. You can’t ask for fairer than that.

Get in touch with us today for the best budget tyres for your vehicle.