Many of you reading this probably shouted ‘Yes!’ as soon as you read that heading. It’s good to be excited about a road trip; they can take you to places you’ve never seen and are often amazing, memorable experiences for everyone involved.

At its best, going on a road trip is a matter of bundling everything you need into the car with your friends and hitting the road. At its worst, you can end up stranded and lost. It’s good to have a plan and take care of your vehicle at all times. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to ensuring your safety during an NZ road trip.

A Few Reasons New Zealand Is a Great Place for a Road Trip

New Zealand is an ideal destination for a road trip because there’s a new view around every corner with diverse regional centres in close proximity to each other.

New Zealand has everything to offer. There are stunning natural areas, from forests and glaciers to whale sanctuaries. There are amazing, locally produced wines, cheeses and other produce available from cellar doors. There are a plethora of high-adrenaline activities like bungee jumping and mountain biking. What’s more, most of these things are within a day’s drive of each other.

If you intend to take your vehicle on the ferry from the North to South islands, it is suggested you hire a car from a New Zealand company.

Book a Full Vehicle Inspection before You Go

This is important if you are taking your own car. Your vehicle is about to take you on an adventure into unknown territory. It may be carrying your food, tent, kayak and mountain bike – not to mention your family. Cars do break down in many cases, and it could have been avoided with the proper maintenance. Do you and your car a favour and have it booked for a full inspection and service before you drive away from help. A proper inspection will involve checking all fluid levels and mechanical components of the car. It is a more comprehensive inspection than a Warrant of Fitness check.

Pick up Some Supplies for Your Car, Too

You never know how far you are going to be from help. It’s important that your spare tyre is in place and you have a jack and tyre wrench. You may also want to carry some engine oil, wiper fluid and even some coolant for the radiator. Jump leads are never a bad idea. You could also think about mints, hand creams, snack foods and dash adornments for yourself but make sure you do this after the car is ready to go.

NZ Road Trip

Stop In at Drury Tires and We’ll Give You a Once Over

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can call us to chat about your road trip preparations or ask about locations we like to visit when we travel. You’ll reach us on 09 294 8139. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry online.