A Basic Checklist To Ensure Tire Safety

A Basic Checklist To Ensure Tire Safety

Not many of us ever consider the work our tires do when we are driving. Not only do they allow us to steer, supporting us and absorbing impact, they also enhance our vehicle’s performance. But excessive wear, road damage and poor maintenance can all affect the quality of our tires, leading to more severe outcomes due to carelessness. And while we all do our best to avoid those pesky potholes, drive around road obstructions and do a careful check when in a public space to ensure no vandalism has been done to our car – tire safety requires more effort to ensure its effectiveness on the road.

We often wait until the unexpected happens, a punctured or flat-run tire and even a dangerous blowout to inspect our tires more carefully. It’s never an exercise we pay special attention to because we assume that tires are simply hard-wearing equipment designed to take as much force as possible. And while the design element of tires exist to ensure they are impact-proof, it is still up to drivers to ensure that theirs are in good condition for safe driving.

Taking precautionary action when it comes to your tires can save you money and time in the future as replacements are sometimes unexpected costs that many of us never budget for. Additionally, a blowout as a result of worn-out tires can lead to minor and major accidents which also have significant implications other than expensive bills. Here is a simple checklist that you can implement into your weekly schedule, that can give you peace of mind knowing you are well-protected.

Check Your Thread 

Deepened threads and grooves on your tire are an indicator of its ageing and wearing out. It’s an easy test you can do with a coin, to check the depth. But if you are still uncertain if it’s cause for alarm, take it to a professional for expert advice.

Maintain Inflation Levels 

Manufacturers provide a useful guide with every vehicle that has important information such as recommended servicing intervals and tire inflation levels. Although we hardly ever refer back to this handbook, it’s important to note the correct inflation to ensure our tires do not become susceptible to damage due to over or under-inflation.

Assess The Quality 

Sometimes tires show physical signs of damage, that we only notice when it’s too late. But assessing the quality of your tire for cracks and tears can help ensure you do not end up stranded on the side of the road in the future. This type of damage is often made worse by bad driving habits and uneven road surfaces, so it’s important to check thoroughly from time to time.

At Drury Tires, the safety of your tires is paramount to us, and we encourage our customers to always take care of them. Although it can be a tedious exercise to do a check-up every so often, you can benefit in several ways by just being cautious. We can also perform safety checks for you conveniently, in addition to balancing and aligning your tires. To make a booking with us, contact us today.