Every motorist has been in a situation where another driver does something that’s irritated them. They could slightly move into your lane, drive slowly or nearly crash into you. Anything that risks the safety of you or your vehicle is understandably frustrating. However, this is where you separate the people who remain calm and carry on about their day, and the people who lose their temper and go on a full road rage.

Road Rage Statistics

In New Zealand, road rage drivers come under “high-risk drivers”. Between 2006 and 2010, high-risk drivers made up 34% of all at-fault in fatal crashes. 19% of high-risk drivers have prior speed offenses and 61% have alcohol factors, which may cause road rage. Of the people who are killed in high-risk driver crashes, 59% are the drivers themselves, while 29% are the passengers of the drivers. 15 other road users, on average, are killed each year due to high-risk driver crashes.

How Does Road Rage Affect Our Brakes?

When we road rage, we may notice our engines revving up or our tyres making screeching noises. Road rage doesn’t just cause stress to our engines. It also wears out our brake pads. Hard braking is a common way to let drivers know we’re frustrated with them. The noise that comes with the screech is very intimidating, as it makes the other driver feel unsettled that you’re so close to them. Not only does this wear out your brake pads, it also warps your brake rotors, overheat the master cylinder and brake booster, and boil the brake fluid, which can lead to more damage to your brake components.

The damage to your brakes, along with your engine transmission, steering and tyres, could cost you hundreds or thousands to repair. It will also lower residual value, which will make it harder to sell at a worthy price.

Think Before You Road Rage

If you’re driving on the roads and something happens that causes your blood to boil, pause for a moment and think of the consequences:

  • You will cause damage to your car
  • You will find it harder to sell your car
  • You risk the lives of you and everyone around you
  • You may lose your license, get fined or even serve jail time if there are casualties

If you feel like you’re about to break out into a rage, follow these steps:

  • Take a deep breath and calm down. The moment has passed and nothing has happened to you.
  • Consider the consequences of road rage and ask yourself if it’s really worth it.
  • Remember that we’re human and we all make mistakes.
  • Place yourself in the other driver’s shoes and ask yourself if you’d feel comfortable being intimidated.
  • Focus on your destination instead, making sure you arrive safely and on time.
  • If necessary, pull over, let your anger out where you can’t harm anyone, and calm down.

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