Buy new tyres and get a one week trial

Buy new tyres and get a one week trial

As South Auckland’s tyre experts, we’ve been supplying tyres for almost 40 years. Over that time, it’s fair to say we’ve learned how to give our customers the best care. Our family business has grown into the tyre industry and we always put our customers and their families first. Purchasing tyres isn’t easy with a busy marketplace and lack of general information out there. That’s where we come in. We stock everything, with over 2,000 used tyres, entry-level cheap tyres, and ultra high-performance tyres.


The difference with Drury Tires? We offer a one week trial period for new tyres! So if you aren’t happy with the purchase, it’s not too late to change your mind. This offers you the peace of mind you deserve to ensure you choose right every time. That choice is made easy with expert guidance from our tyre sales specialists. We don’t want to simply sell you tyres, we want to give you the best possible deal we can to help solve your tyre problems by advising you what tyres are best suited for your vehicle.

It’s our understanding that vehicle owners often want to balance quality with value and that sometimes your budget may be too tight to buy new. That’s perfectly okay. Our stock has a wide range as previously mentioned and while second-hand tyres aren’t for everyone, our low priced pre-loved tyres come with a full guarantee. In fact, every single used tyre we sell has a unique code inside so even if you lose the receipt you are covered.

Looking at the higher end? If you need expert advice on which is the best tyre suited for your luxury performance sports car or your vintage, classic, muscle cars we can advise you on which are the best tyres as well. We stock tyres for all vehicles; motor-homes, recreational vehicles, RV, campervans, vans, trucks, bobcat and tractor tyres.


The two main benefits of purchasing new tyres are; safety and value. Most tyres perform well in everyday situations, but it’s in various weather conditions that good tyres set you apart. Temperature, rain and road conditions all play a part when it comes to safety. Stopping distances can differ dramatically depending on what rubber your wheels are running.

Second, behind safety comes value. Yes, new tyres may cost more in the short term. But investing in new tyres now can save you the difference in fuel costs within a matter of months. Tyres are your car’s only contact points with the road, meaning a lot of your car’s fuel efficiency comes down to them.

A quick trip to Drury Tires can set you up ready for summer and thousands of kilometres of travelling. Get in touch with us today to discuss your tyre needs.