Vehicle maintenance and upkeep can be a costly affair; not only is there regular car servicing, but there are also the tire replacements you need to keep in mind. Often the cost of new tires may be reluctantly accepted because it seems like the only viable choice, but there is another option available – affordable used tyres. Though some may quickly dismiss this due to misconceptions about the quality of used parts, as providers of used tyres Auckland, Drury Tires can assure you that this is a safe option for you and your car.

The most significant advantage of purchasing used tyres for your car instead of a new pair is the cost-savings benefit. The other significant advantage is that it is a “greener” solution and has less of an environmental impact. But even with these critical positives, some customers can still feel wary because of negative experiences, assumptions they’ve heard and thoughts of the potential risk of getting into an accident.

Customers should not have to compromise their safety in any way or end up paying more than they can afford for new tires, which is why we’ve provided a useful guide to buying used tyres.

1. Consider The Shop

It is essential to visit a used tire shop that is reputable and trusted. Although businesses should provide safe and road-worthy tires, this is not always the case. However, as much as it is the fault of the unprofessional shops, it is also the responsibility of the customer to do a comprehensive check before purchasing a pair.

2. Physically Check The Tire

An intensive physical examination of the tire before a purchase is advisable. Make sure that you perform a surface assessment on the outer and inner side of the tire. That way, you can point out any cuts or visible bumps to the tire. The second physical test you should ask for is to evaluate the tread depth. A tire shop should be able to conduct one in front of you to check the reading. Lastly, ask about punctures and impact damage. Any indication of repair work or plugs will highlight that the tire has a hole, make sure to disregard these immediately.

3. Determine Age

It can be challenging to determine the age of a tire physically and sometimes these are not records a tire shop has readily available. But there are signs you can note, such as deterioration inside a tire and any cracking. While dodgy shops may paint over tires to hide the ageing, you must get an estimate of how old the tires are. If you are uncertain about it, rather look at another tire or shop altogether.

For a first-time buyer of used tyres in Auckland, the decision to buy used tyres is crucial. Never rush the process. It is, therefore, necessary, that you are confident in the set you buy to ensure you and your family’s safety. By using our guidelines, you can ask the tire shop the questions about the above points to make an informed decision.

As a well-established business in the South Auckland area, at Drury Tires, we understand the importance of safety and can assure you that our used tyres are in excellent condition. Still concerned if it is the right choice for you? Call us for our expert advice and tire support.