In today’s technological age, there’s not a lot that you can’t find on the internet. With the endless list of DIY videos and articles to be found, there’s plenty of guidance available showing you how to do everything from simple household fixes to major repair tasks yourself. It’s no surprise then that people would opt to save money, find time over the weekend and attempt to service their car themselves to save some money and avoid the hassle of having to book their car in. Is it worth it? Keep reading to find out.

Should Your DIY?

There are many benefits to doing things yourself because you save money. However, servicing your car is a significant responsibility as it ensures the smooth running of your vehicle. You could get a detailed, step by step guide on how to do it, but if you’ve never seen a car’s engine before, it might not be recommended.

In short, there’s no law preventing you from servicing your car, but whether it‘s beneficial for your vehicle is questionable. Like every other professional, mechanics are trained, skilled and experienced in their fields of expertise. If you unknowingly alter something to do with your car, it could result in you accidentally creating severe damage.

Other Concerns To Watch Out For

By working on your car by yourself, you have no record that you serviced your car, you cannot reset the service dial, and you aren’t authorised to stamp the vehicle’s official documents as part of service history. That means that if you wish to sell or trade in your car, and you serviced it six times by yourself, those six times may not count. You could also void the warranty of your vehicle by opening parts that you aren’t authorised to access.

Each vehicle brand is different from the next one, which means that access to certain parts of the vehicle can only be obtained by using specific tools. You may find yourself spending more money on these specific tools to do the service than by actually taking it to an authorised mechanic.

There’s absolutely nothing that stands in the way of you servicing your vehicle, but it’s always recommended to let a professional do what they have been trained to do. Avoid running into future problems that could cost you more than you can afford and bring your car to Drury Tires in south Auckland where a trained mechanic can service it.