Car Maintenance And Tyre Checks After A Road Trip Has Its Benefits

Car Maintenance And Tyre Checks After A Road Trip Has Its Benefits

Returning from a road trip with the family can be tiring, there is so much to do such as returning to normal routines with the family, ensuring your property is fine and getting back to work. But the one key component that we often all forget to do is the car maintenance and post-trip check-up.

It may seem like a tedious and seemingly unnecessary exercise but it’s critical after many days on the road which saw your tyres pushed to their limit. While other things may take priority, do not underestimate the importance of your vehicle’s performance and the condition of your tyres. We, therefore, suggest searching for a ‘Tyre Shop Near Me’ to take the hassle off your hands and ensure you have a safe and operational vehicle to use long after the summer holidays have passed.

As drivers, we often take for granted our vehicle’s and car health. If it takes us from point A to point B without malfunctioning, we tend to deem it in good condition. Same goes for tyres. If they’re not sprouting wires or huge bubbles, they’re deemed good to go. However, this is not wise to think nor is it an accurate gauge to measure your car’s performance or condition because driving long distances affects your vehicle’s health and therefore a proper check-up and servicing should be done. As expert mechanics, we always recommend customers do these checks and changes thoroughly shortly after getting back home and to seek out the assistance of a professional for peace of mind.

Tyre Check 

It’s important to check the tyre pressure and treads as over-inflation or under-inflation, as well as low treads, can be hazardous to you and other vehicles on the road. Just because your tyres look fine and didn’t blow up or catch a puncture on the way back from your holidays doesn’t mean they’re good to withstand upcoming trips to work.

Brakes Test 

This is not a simple DIY check you can do from the comfort of your garage and we urge every driver to do it regularly. Failing brakes can be the leading cause of some accidents so if you had not checked them before your trip, do it now with the help of your local mechanic as they would have seen much use during your holiday errand runs and trips to family and friends. Although it may be an expense you did not account for after over-spending this festive season, it is essential for your family’s safety to get brakes assessed or changed after much use during the holiday. Your brakes may not have squealed on your journey home, but avoid the squeal popping up on your first or second day back to work.

Oil Check 

Checking your oil frequently is a must, especially after travelling long distances. Vehicles that are running low on oil can become susceptible to overheating and unclean oil is highly damaging to your engine. Sufficient oil levels need to be maintained to help your car perform at optimal levels, so this is a crucial change that you must do after your holiday.

Although coming home can be stressful, with all the other errands you need to run just to get back into a routine – make sure you understand the importance of checking your vehicle. Most of these checks do not take a lot of time and can be done efficiently by professionals at that local ‘tyre shop near me’. Give us a call at Drury Tires to book in your vehicle for post-road trip car maintenance and tyre assessment.