3 Car Problems You May Face On Your Roadtrip This Summer

3 Car Problems You May Face On Your Roadtrip This Summer

Preparing for the summer holiday can become a tedious task. From finalising accommodation and planning the itinerary to mapping out the routes for the road trip can be overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact, that many often forgot to prioritise the most important aspect of their holiday – their vehicle. With rising temperatures, busy roads and fussy toddlers, ending up stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow is not a pleasant situation.  It is essential that tires are properly checked, you have gassed your air conditioner and your oil and coolant levels are sufficient.

These issues can be completely overcome if you have your vehicle serviced by professionals, which can also give you peace-of-mind knowing that it is safe to drive. But even with careful preparation for a big trip, sometimes the unexpected does happen. Here are the most common car problems you may face this summer.

Your Car May Have A Blowout 

Due to hard-driving, over uneven and sometimes rough terrain, tires can become more susceptible to being damaged. In addition to this, heat can affect the pressure – all of which can be dangerous and a hassle to fix on the open road. Overinflation and underinflation are some of the most common tire problems we see over summer, that lead to flat tires and blowouts. It’s important that you do a comprehensive tire and wheel alignment check with a professional before travelling, this should always include your spare tire as well.

Your Car May Overheat 

Malfunctioning of your cooling system combined with soaring temperatures can result in your engine overheating. But surprisingly enough, some people forgo using proper coolant fluid when topping up the system and use regular water instead. Not only can this cause serious damage to your vehicle, but it can also become a safety risk to you and your family while driving. While on the road, monitoring your temperature gauge can indicate if there is a potential problem; alternatively, you should notice a warning light appear on your dashboard. You should try and stop in the nearest town and consult with a mechanic to resolve the issue.

Your Car May Not Switch On 

Sometimes we can forget leaving on headlights, interior lights or make excessive use of the radio (or charging of devices) while the car is not running, all of which can lead to a dead battery. Extreme heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate, which increases the chance of it not holding a charge and dying on you at the most inopportune moment. Your car battery requires replacement at specified intervals, but prior to your road trip, you can get it tested to determine its health and replacement status.

Before any trip, always ensure you have adequate booster cables, a car jack to change tires and a wheel spanner packed to go. These must-haves can be a life-saver on a quiet stretch of road. We advise considering mapping out your route along with major towns so that you can reach emergency services easily. Booking a car service to check your tires, fluids and battery will always be beneficial and can save you from potential costly bills in the future due to an unchecked vehicle. Let us help you get ready for your drive at Drury Tires, offering you affordable and reliable service this summer – contact us today.