Cheap Tyres Are OK Around Town

Cheap Tyres Are OK Around Town

Not every tyre in our large range is from a world-famous manufacturer. And not every tyre we sell is of the ultra-high performance variety. Many of the tyres we stock are what we call entry-level tyres. They’re not flash, or famous, but they’re affordable. And right now, when so many people are doing it tough, affordable is good. So if you’re after cheap tyres in Auckland, get in touch and we’ll get you fitted with a decent set at a more than decent price.

To be honest, cheap tyres might not give you optimum performance but there are situations where they’re just fine. For example, they’re a good choice if you do most of your driving on city roads. Driving around Auckland generally means you’re doing reduced speeds and lower milage, and our entry-level tyres are well up to that particular task. Or, they’re a good fit for that second car that doesn’t get driven a lot. And they’re a better alternative to used tyres – although, having said that, we do sell second-hand tyres and they come with a full guarantee. Something else to consider if the budget is really tight.

So, when shouldn’t you buy cheap tyres? We always recommend paying as much as you can for reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and safety. And if you do a lot of long-distance driving on open roads, where you’re constantly travelling at 100 kilometres an hour, then we think you need to invest in tyres that give you all of those properties. On a long road trip, you’ll certainly appreciate the superior handling and comfort. It’s been said that tyres determine 50% of a car’s feeling so the better they are, the better the ride.

The best way to determine which tyres will suit your vehicle, and your usual driving habits, is to contact us and ask for our advice. We won’t try and upsell you to more expensive tyres just so we can make more of a profit. We’ve been around for a long time, and like to think we look after everyone in our community with honest advice and good value tyres. So if we suggest you invest in something a bit pricier, it’s only because we think you’ll get a better deal in the long run. But if it’s just inner-city driving you do, don’t be surprised if we point you in the direction of our affordable entry-level tyres. For driving around Auckland, they’re a good fit.