Choose High Performance Tyres For The Drive Of Your Life

Choose High Performance Tyres For The Drive Of Your Life

When people Google “tyre shop near me” and come across our South Auckland tyre shop, many of them do so because they want a great deal on quality tyres. Their highest priority is getting from A to B with safe tyres underneath them and we send them on their way with a smile on their face.

However, some of our customers want to do more than just get somewhere. They want to enjoy the drive of their life! So, with that desire in mind, they check out the high performance tyres in our range. These tyres have been designed and manufactured to deliver the ultimate in performance, and while they are more expensive than everyday street tyres, they’re worth every dollar, especially for motorists in vehicles like sports cars or classic cars. Here are a few reasons why:

  • High performance tyres are more in tune with the features you find in late model cars, such as ABS systems and modern sensitive steering and suspension systems. Because they’re more responsive to these features, they deliver the quality of drive these things were designed for.
  • High performance tyres are generally manufactured from softer rubber than standard tyres, and feature more rigid side walls. This means considerably better traction at higher speeds so cars can better hold their line around tight curves and provide a much smoother driving experience. Wider surfaces and stickier rubber also help the vehicle stop quickly, so you don’t have to brake as sharply, which reduces wear and tear of the tyre and makes braking a much safer procedure.
  • One of the biggest causes of tyre failure is overheating, especially when the tyre has started to show signs of wear. But the superior materials used in high performance tyres gives them great heat-resistant properties. This improves safety and extends the life span of the tyres, making them a very wise investment.

When we fit new standard tyres to a vehicle, our customers report how much better their car seems to perform, from handling through to braking. But high performance tyres take things to a whole new level. The responsiveness, the manoeuvrability and sense of control that drivers feel when motoring on premium tyres can be described as addictive. That’s why they’re happy to pay more and select these top of the line tyres from our very extensive range.