Choose Used Tyres With Care

Choose Used Tyres With Care

We would always advise you to buy the best tyres you can afford. Tyres are so important in the overall scheme of things, that you shouldn’t skimp. See them as an investment in your safety and the safety of everyone who travels with you.

However, we know there are times when you might have to buy on a budget. Money can be tight, especially at times like this. You’re not alone. Right now there are hundreds of people looking to buy used tyres in Auckland. We could take the easy way out and tell everyone to come and see us. At Drury Tyres, we have a large range of used tyres in our range; they’re very well priced and come with a full guarantee. They’re not brand spanking new but, having said that, if we felt they were not up to scratch, we wouldn’t sell them. But because we want to help, we thought we’d give you a guide as to what you should look out for when buying used tyres, whether you come to us or not.

  • Buy from a reputable seller like us. At least we know what a decent tyre should look like, where a private seller probably won’t.
  • Find out as much as you can about the history of the tyre.
  • Look for top brand tyres as the better the quality they were when they were new, the better the quality they’ll be when they’re second hand.
  • Buy tyres in pairs so the tyres on each axle of your car match.
  • Check the tread depth and look for uneven wear. When you buy from a reputable dealer like us, we’ll ensure that is taken care of.
  • Check the tyre carcass inside and out for any damage or repairs.
  • Make sure the tyres have not been stored in the sun for months on end.

Again, if you can afford to buy new tyres, then we urge you to do so. But in the current circumstances, if you’re doing it a bit tough and need something a bit cheaper, used tyres are an option you can consider. A good idea will be to use them until you have saved enough money to buy new ones. And don’t forget, our entry-level new tyres could be something else to think about. They’re not the flashiest tyres in the world but they are affordable, and if you can stretch your budget just a wee bit further, they’re a good buy. Our advice is to get in touch with us and let us know what your budget is and we’ll get you sorted one way or the other.