Common Transmission Issues

Common Transmission Issues

At our mechanical workshop in South Auckland, automatic transmission servicing is just one of the services we offer you. Virtually every passenger vehicle has automatic transmission these days and we’ve become specialists in fixing them up when things go wrong. In our long experience, here are some of the most common transmission issues. If any of them are familiar to you right now, it’s time to get your transmission checked.

  • Leaking transmission. If you see fluids on the garage floor, it could be transmission fluid which is typically red. Replacing the transmission line, seal, or pan gasket nearest the source will often fix this problem. Of course, leaking fluids of any colour should be checked by us.
  • Gears are slipping. When automatic gears start to slip, you need to get your transmission checked straight away. If your vehicle falls into higher or lower gears for no reason at all, or if it is just out of gear entirely, don’t put up with it. We need to take a look at it immediately as the gears may have worn or the clutch plates burned away.
  • Inconsistent shifting. Does the automatic transmission have a shift delay or an erratic shift pattern you haven’t noticed before? Maybe there are high revs before shifting from third to fourth, or it doesn’t downshift with the consistency you’re used to? If so, it could be that the wrong transmission fluid has been used, or the fluid level might not be quite right. Any shifting dramas should be checked by us.
  • Overheating. If you smell something burning, you need to get it investigated, whatever it is! If your engine temperature is OK, then the issue might be related to your transmission. The transmission fluid starts to break down if it is left unchanged for too long – this strips the fluid of its lubricating properties. This can become a sludge that burns when the transmission gears become too hot. If transmission fluid is black and sludgy, we’ll replace it. If the fluid is all good, then it may be a blocked transmission line that stops the fluid from circulating. If this is the case, we may need to replace the transmission cooler lines.
  • Weird noises. Strange noises in any part of the vehicle are a sign that all is not well. Your transmission is no exception. Noise from your automatic transmission could be caused by any number of things and it takes professionals like us to work out what it is, and to fix it up.

If you notice anything a bit off about your transmission and it isn’t performing as it should, contact us and we’ll get things back to normal.