Does your vehicle have a leak?

Does your vehicle have a leak?

How does it feel when you walk out to your car in the morning and see a puddle of fluid beneath it? Worrying, right? Leaks on cars can range from minor problems to serious problems and we are here to help you figure out exactly what that leak means. Here is our expert guide to identifying leaks.

Water leak

If you notice your car is leaking clear water the most likely outcome is your car’s air conditioning system has produced condensation which is collected in a drip tray before being drained through the underside of the car. This “leak” is normal and is likely to occur following driving in hot conditions.

Soapy water leak

If you water coming from your car is soapy, there is a chance your washer reservoir has been compromised. These, usually, plastic containers are often located next to the front bumper and can easily split in the event of a collision or something similar. This isn’t a hugely problematic leak but leaving this unfixed will cause the issue of not being able to wash your windows when they gather dirt.

Blackish oily leak

Older cars can experience oil leaks as seals and gaskets wear down but modern vehicles are less likely to experience this. If your modern car is leaking oil it could be down to something else, such as your filter seal. Oil can be detected by a dark colour with the usual colourful oil effect on the surface of the gathered puddle. Any oil leaks should be referred to a mechanic.

Reddish leak

With most cars being automatic in New Zealand, this leak can be common. Automatic transmission fluid is a bright red colour but over time it dulls to a brown. This, coupled, with a burnt-like smell can signal a transmission fluid leak. In the case of a major leak your car will stop working. In this case do not try to continue driving as it will result in more damage to the car.

Yellowish leak

This is a dangerous leak to look out for. Brake and clutch fluids are a clear yellow colour and darken to a brown over time. If your brakes develop a serious leak, it can be very dangerous as your car will lose its ability to brake properly. Under your bonnet, there will be two reservoirs with brake/clutch fluid. If either of these are low it could indicate a leak. It’s best to get this checked by a professional today.

Leaks happen. Most of the time it isn’t anything major but to be sure and to prevent future issues occurring come to see Drury Tires today.