Extending The Lifespan Of Your Tires

Extending The Lifespan Of Your Tires

As leaders in tires NZ, we know a thing or two about these valuable vehicle features. Taking care of them can guarantee you a lengthened lifespan of your tires.  And we often see the effects of poor tire maintenance, so we know why compromised tires can become a serious hazard to be driving on, as well as being quite expensive to repair or replace. Even though tires are pivotal to the functioning of a car as well as optimising road safety, they usually tend to go unnoticed until we have a flat or a blowout. And this is not the optimal situation.

These are just some of the ways you can extend the lifespan of your wheels.

Manage Your Tire Air Pressure 

We cannot stress the importance of the correct air pressure enough. Most of our customers are surprised when they come in for their regular car service, to find that all four tires are incorrectly inflated. Different pressures can certainly affect the wear of your tires as well as how you control the vehicle on the road. Speak to a professional or contact your tire manufacturer to find out what the correct tire pressure should be. This information is vital and you should have it on hand at all times.

Take Care Of How You Drive On The Road 

The easiest way to keep your tires in good condition is to take care of how you drive on the road. Although you may not even give it a second thought, different driving styles can impact your tires significantly and even contribute to their deterioration, whether fast or slow. You are not a professional driver nor in a movie about fast cars and speed chases, so taking off and braking should be done diligently and safely to avoid burning off the rubber or driving over a rock or pothole too fast.

Prioritise Balancing And Rotation 

Alignment of all four tires is crucial to the performance and handling of a vehicle. Not only does it impact the steering, but can lead to weakened tires if not balanced properly. Proper rotation also determines the durability of your tires, and following the manufacturer’s guidelines can help you avoid future problems and costly repairs or replacements. These are not areas of tire maintenance that you should ignore, and frequent balancing and rotation can save you money in the future.

Hearing customers express their frustration once they have to seek the services of professionals is a common occurrence. Resolving your tire woes can be costly and just plain inconvenient, affecting your work and home life. Hence why we at Drury Tires always advise customers on the importance of taking care of their tires in NZ and can even assist you with regular check-ups. To book your car in for a service or check-up, give us a call today.