It’s been said that people should never try to reinvent the wheel. While this has been accepted as a universal truth by many, it’s not entirely accurate. The wheels that we know today look very different from their earliest design. There was a time when rims for car tyres didn’t exist. Today, it’s difficult to imagine a car without them. If you’re unsure what you can gain from installing rims for your tires, you’re at the right place.

In a previous blog, we discussed what rims are and why they matter. This time, we look into the benefits that car owners can enjoy from having them fitted.

1. Experience An Improvement In The Overall Performance Of Your Car

Rims add value when it comes to your vehicle’s performance. From improving on fuel efficiency to more precise acceleration and stops, they help your car’s wheels do everything that they should – better. It allows you to get a better handle of your car, for a comfortable and safe drive.

2. Don’t Worry About Heaviness – Your Car Can Take It

Some drivers are concerned that rims are too heavy for their tires and car in general. That’s why it’s important to consult a specialist and have the appropriate size ones fitted. There’s a range of options (ranging from steel to alloy) which you can choose from.

3. Reduce The Amount Of Damage & Corrosion In Your Tires

Rims are like shoes for your car. Without them, your tires are exposed to varying degrees of impact and corrosion. Rims can protect them from this, and installing them means your tires can withstand more, making them last longer.

4. Up The Style Value Of Your Car

Whoever told you that looks don’t matter when it comes to rims was lying. Function is just as important as aesthetics in the world of cars. You may not be fanatic painting flames across your station wagon’s sides, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about how it looks. Rims can add a certain flair to your vehicle that can act as an extension of your personality.

See? There’s more to fitting rims onto your tires in Auckland than meets the eye. It’s about more than having a great-looking car, as it’s about having a vehicle that performs at its best, always. Rather than chance it on your own, entrust your car tires to a team of experienced professionals who will outfit it with the best rims for your budget and needs. Contact Drury Tires today to get started.