With the summer holidays around the corner, many Kiwis are already preparing for their upcoming adventures and road trips. It can be an exciting time, counting down until you hit the open road, and while getting ready, some may feel that an inflated spare tire is sufficient vehicle maintenance. However, considering a cheap car service Auckland for your vehicle before your holiday is advisable because it can ensure that your car is in good condition for travelling long distances.

Understanding what servicing your car requires, the costs involved, and the reliability of the service are all crucial factors that you need to keep in mind. To get the most out of your next car service, here are some considerations to make for your vehicle and family’s safety.

1. Shop Around

Asking family and friends for their recommendations may be an excellent way to find the ideal car service provider, but it might not be the right fit for you and your vehicle or your finances. The perception that the cheapest quote will probably result in a waste of money is not always accurate. And likewise, the most expensive quote will not guarantee you a comprehensive car service. Shopping around and researching reputable service providers and comparing pricing, is a significant next step. By requesting quotes for your car service, you can ensure that you are paying for precisely what is required. Our expert mechanics offer affordable service at competitive rates and guarantee consistent quality with every car service.

2. Ask For Regular Updates

It can be frustrating to pick up your vehicle after service and receive a costly bill that you had not budgeted for. Communicate your budget and concerns with your service provider. They must give you regular updates on the servicing. If any problems were to arise while they are working on your car, and if there were any unexpected costs that they needed to add to your bill, make sure you’re made aware of those. With Drury Tires, we are upfront about the general expenses of car services and will always contact you before proceeding with any additional work.

3. Inspect Your Car Before And After

Sometimes people forget to inspect their vehicle thoroughly before servicing. By examining your car beforehand, you can make a note of any existing issues such as scratches and dents. It is also vital to ensure that you check your vehicle before leaving the service centre. Ask to validate the tire pressure, ensure that the air conditioner is working well and ask if you can take a drive to assess how the car moves after the service. This way, you can always alert the mechanic to any problems you may notice immediately.

Following your vehicle’s recommended car servicing schedule at regular intervals is correct maintenance and upkeep. But an additional car service just before going away can give you peace-of-mind knowing that your family will be completely safe from any vehicle malfunctions on the road.

Though life can be unpredictable, a cheap car service in Auckland can assure you that a professional has evaluated and serviced your car. At Drury Tires, we dedicate our time and efforts to providing expert assistance to ensure that you always have a safe driving vehicle – contact us today for a quote.