If you’re thinking of travelling for a long distance anywhere, it’s a good idea to prepare your car in advance. The usual story is that some minor thing that wasn’t fixed becomes a major thing, while you’re on the road. That’s easily avoidable with a bit of foresight and simply getting your car in good condition before your trip.

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A long trip, by definition, means a lot of possible wear and tear on the car. The best approach is to get a full service check, and make sure everything’s in good working order.

First, consider where you’re going. Are there steep hills, dirt roads, or other wear and tear types of road or off-road driving areas? Even if you have a big tough off-roader, don’t take it for granted that your car won’t take a pounding in environments like these. Even on a good road, the simple actions of a vehicle’s weight and speed can cause a few issues. You need to get your vehicle in good condition.

The basic tune up includes steering, brakes, and other major systems, obviously. However, there are less obvious things which can become problems on a long trip, too.

This includes:

Suspension: There’s nothing quite like a long bumpy ride, in more ways than one. “Iffy” suspension can be a major issue, quite suddenly, if it’s not in good condition. (It can also contribute to other, sometimes quite expensive problems, so best to get it fixed, on principle.)

Tyres: Your tyres are critical. Your tyres are under constant pressure from the road and movement. On a long trip, they’re put under a lot of strain. If you’ve had your tyres for a while, a tyre check, at the very least, is a good move. Preferably, get a full service job, just to be on the safe side, including a tyre pressure monitoring check. Worn tyres can decide to become problems on a long trip, so be prepared to deal with whatever is needed, rather than the problems. Also remember to check your spare. It’s easy to buy car tyres if necessary, but don’t expect a set of old tyres to achieve miracles on a long trip.

Wheel alignment and balancing: This is pretty basic, but most people don’t think of it until it becomes a problem. Wheel alignment is the easiest thing to do, and get done, but generally people forget about it, and then travel long distances wondering why their road handling seems like such hard work.

Warrant of Fitness: This is a “don’t leave home without it” issue. If you have anything done which might need a WOF check and certification, just do it. The last thing you need on a long trip is a long, expensive “debate” about getting your WOF.

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