Summer months are made for road-trips in NZ, with its late sunsets, beautiful countryside, and pleasant weather. Which is why so many families choose to vacation during this period and in particular the festive season. But planning for one can become stressful and exhausting because of all the considerations to decide on. From visiting your tyre shop, checking that your air conditioner is gassed up and ensuring your insurances are in order – there is a lot to remember.

But this shouldn’t ruin your travels, and with our crucial planning points, you can have a stress-free holiday easily.

1. Book Your Car In For A Complete Service

Booking in your car for complete service is the best thing you can do for the performance of your vehicle over the festive period. Not only will it ensure that your car is in its ideal condition to drive, but it will also give you comfort in knowing that you have serviced your vehicle professionally. A car service will also assess your tire pressure, wheel alignment and re-gas your air conditioner for those hot summer days.

2. Plan Your Routes

Although a fuss-free adventure with no planning can be fun for the family, it can be a nightmare to deal with if you need assistance with your car or if you run out of fuel. If you are planning on making a road trip, make a note of alternative routes and gas stations along the way. It is also essential to check your tire pressure frequently as long-distances can affect inflation and wear.

3. Prepare For Emergencies

In addition to planning your route and informing friends about the area you will be driving through for emergencies; it is better to prepare for emergencies rather than be stranded when you need help the most. This includes equipping your vehicle with a first aid kit, plenty of chargers and battery packs as well as having emergency contact details on hand at all times.

4. Stop If You Have To

It’s essential to evaluate the performance of your vehicle as you drive and on your road trip, any warning signs could point to a serious problem. Do not ignore troubling sounds or flashing symbols on your dashboard; it is advisable to stop by the nearest mechanic to check if your car is safe to drive. Problems can lead to excessive fuel usage and poor performance of your vehicle, both putting a strain on your car and its handling.

Pre-road trip care can be useful in emergencies and should be an essential consideration. Because no one wants to be stranded on the side of the road nor would you want to begrudgingly go back home because of your car. By following these suggestions, you and your family can have a better holiday this festive season. We are a tyre shop and wheel fitment centre in Auckland and are ready to assist you with all your car concerns.

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