Good Tread Doesn’t Always Mean A Great Tyre

We believe you should ask us to check your tyres on a regular basis. It’s a good way to make sure that everything is OK with them, and that they’ll continue to keep you and your family safe while driving. If there are issues and we recommend that you replace one tyre – or all of them – you can rest assured we will make it a budget-friendly exercise for you. That’s because our tyre range covers all bases; we fit premium tyres that cost a little more but we also sell cheap tyres in Auckland, and in current times when a lot of people are on tight budgets, that’s good to know.

Many people make the mistake of judging the condition of their tyres purely by the tread. But having plenty of tyre tread doesn’t necessarily mean that your tyres still have a lot of life left in them. The tread only tells you part of the story, and you have to look at a tyre as a complete unit. That means the side of the tyre, or out at the edges, or inside the tyre. While the tread itself might look OK, other parts of the tyre might be below their best. This often depends on things like the manufacturing process, the rubber used in the tyres, the age of the tyres, how you have maintained them over a period of time, and even things like where you usually park your car; parking in the sun all day means tyres will perish sooner.

So, we suggest you don’t judge a tyre by tread depth alone. Check for hairline cracks on the sidewall, or for rubber that may be deteriorating elsewhere on the tyre. An older tyre is more likely to have started deteriorating than a new one, so if you’ve had your tyres for a while, a thorough inspection is in order even if everything looks OK with the tread.

There’s more to a tyre than you might think. While it might look like one piece of round rubber, there are different parts to it, and these parts are all placed under considerable strain. So while you might check the tread from time to time and believe it is OK, that doesn’t mean the rest of the tyre is in the same condition. Contact us and we’ll check your tyres all over, and give you an honest appraisal. We won’t sell you tyres if you don’t need them. You can rest assured that if your tyres are in good nick, then we’ll tell you so.