Have You Rotated Your Tyres Lately?

Have You Rotated Your Tyres Lately?

Have you ever rotated the tyres on your vehicle? If you’ve answered NO, then the team at our tyre shop won’t be at all surprised. We know that most tyres in NZ stay right where they are. It’s not because us Kiwis are a lazy lot. It’s usually because we don’t give much thought to our tyres until one of them goes flat, or the tread disappears, or we fail a WOF because of dodgy tyres. Rotating our tyres doesn’t really occur to us, so the tyre that goes onto the left front wheel usually stays on the left front wheel, the tyre that goes onto the right front wheel usually stays on the right front wheel, and so on and so on. This is a bit of a shame really because a simple tyre rotation every 10,000 kilometres or so can increase the life of your tyres, particularly on front-wheel drive vehicles.

In front-wheel drive vehicles, the front tyres do most of the hard work and feel the pressures generated by all that braking and steering. Remember too, that car engines are heavy things so front-wheel drive vehicles place most of the weight on the front tyres rather than the back. When you look at your tyres this way, it is easy to see why the front ones are going to wear down faster than the rear tyres.

On the average front-wheel drive vehicle, the back tyres get a fairly easy ride – and that’s why we encourage you to rotate your tyres on a regular basis. It gives the front tyres a break and allows the relatively unworn rear tyres to take up the slack. By sharing the load, your tyres will last longer and give you a smoother, safer ride in the process.

We are happy to sell you new tyres but just as happy to help you save money by rotating your tyres for you and getting longer life out of what you already have. Remember, every 10,000 kilometres or so is a  good guide but as we all drive differently and put our tyres under strain in various ways, it might be a good idea to get your tyres checked by us and we can tell you what condition they’re in. By knowing how you drive, and getting an understanding of the unique pressures you place on your tyres, we might suggest they will need rotation every 8,000 kilometres, or every 12,000.

You’d be surprised how much extra mileage you will get out of your tyres by rotating them, so get in touch with us and let’s do it properly. That way, that extra mileage will extend even further.