Tyres form the interface between the vehicle and the road. They are the point of contact to translate force from the engine into motion. Tyres provide grip between the road and the chassis, they are also the first component of the suspension system. Tyres are exposed to all kinds of conditions, from hot roads to wet icy ones and can last years and years with proper service and maintenance. It should go without saying that quality tyres perform better than cheap ones.

The Advantages of Quality Tyres

Quality tyres:

  • grip the road better
  • stop faster
  • expel moisture from the tyre-road interface faster
  • last longer
  • wear tread down more slowly
  • have better warranties
  • improve fuel efficiency by lowering rolling resistance

The Added Bonus of Quality Service

Quality tyre servicing includes wheel checks, balancing and fitting. If your wheel alignment is untrue, your vehicle will wear tyres faster, run inefficiently and cause the car to feel ‘wobbly’. This is one advantage of getting your tyres from the experts; they will make sure your wheels are running straight.

Another advantage of having your tyres installed by professionals is that they may notice other aspects of your vehicle that need work. They may notice your seatbelts don’t retract properly or that there is a crack in your exhaust. The professionals here at Drury Tires can perform a Warrant of Fitness service on your car in addition to installing your new tyres – ask us about our car services today.

Spend More for Those 1% Scenarios

It’s dark, it’s wet, you’re taking your kids home from soccer practice and ahead of you another kid jumps onto the road. You’ve got the minimum possible stopping distance and you slam the brakes to the floor. It’s situations like these where there is nothing you can do in the moment to improve your car’s performance. If you are running quality tyres with sufficient thread and life left in them, you will be able to brake in a shorter distance and with more control than budget or bald tyres will allow. It could literally be the difference between life and death.

The same can be said of twisty mountain roads, black ice and road debris. Quality tyres will stand up to the challenge and budget tyres will falter. 99% of the time or more, it may make no difference because you are rolling at 50km/h on asphalt through quiet suburbs. However, when you need to brake in a hurry or maintain traction through a tricky turn on a rainy day, quality tyres will make all the difference.

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