There are many things to think about when buying new tyres; vehicle type, terrain, durability, versatility, gripping power and cost. At Drury Tires in South Auckland, we stock tyres for every application, including specialist and performance tyres. Contact us if you would like help determining which tyres are best suited to your needs. We have been in the business for more than 30 years and pride ourselves on providing the best deal.

Brands and Tyre Types

When you need new tyres, you need to go to a comprehensive retailer for cars, vans, 4WDs and light trucks. There are countless brands to choose from so, at Drury Tires, we’ve narrowed our selection down to only the best, making us registered New Zealand service agents for Hankook and GT Radials brands. We also stock Dunlop, Good Year, Pirelli, Michelin, Kuhmo, Maxxis and Kenda, to name a few. Click here to view a full list of our stocked brands.

Tyres come in many types, too. We stock heavy-duty tyres, tractor tyres, and specialist models for summer, winter, all-season, vans, off-road, 4WD and light truck tyres. We also stock tyres with lower rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency and track tyres for performance vehicles. Your vehicle has certain needs and your tyre choice is absolutely crucial for running at peak performance.

Vehicle Considerations

We stock an amazing range of tyres to cover an amazing scope of possibilities. What type of vehicle do you want tyres for? How big are the wheels? Are you going to be spending a lot of time carrying a heavy load? Will you be driving off-road or over gravel frequently? Are you likely to encounter snow in your vehicle?

These considerations are important when determining what tyres to buy. The last question is particularly important. If you use your vehicle to get into hard-to-reach places or across mountain ranges during winter, you don’t want to get caught out with tyres that don’t grip. There is a lot of chemistry involved at the interface between the fast-moving, warm tyre and the cold road. This has led to a differentiation between summer and winter tyres. Thankfully, for most of us who drive on sealed roads every day of the year, there are all-season tyres.

Budget Options

Not everyone can afford new tyres every time there is an issue. The good news is that most of the major tyre manufacturers produce long-lasting, budget tyres for all-seasons. At Drury Tires, we offer a complete range of budget and even second-hand tyre options for the discerning consumer. It’s important to note that when it comes to tyres, sometimes the more expensive, high-quality tyres will save you money and protect your safety in the long run.


Speak to the Experts Today!

At Drury Tires, we offer the best possible new tyre experience for every customer. We offer a 1-week trial period on all new tyres and free puncture repairs for six months. If you aren’t happy, neither are we!

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