How To Choose A Tire Provider

Deciding on car tires in Auckland can be a major decision, for several reasons. They are vital safety features of any vehicle, paramount to keeping you and other road users out of danger and key to the functioning of your car. And when we express this to customers they often feel dazed and find the decision daunting, but we ensure that we offer them easy-to-understand tire solutions that fit both their budget and address their concerns.

However, not every tire retailer is as efficient and sometimes mishaps can happen if a prospective customer chooses a less than reputable shop for their tire needs. This is why we have compiled this useful article to help you make the decision on which provider to go with. The retailer is just as important as the new or secondhand tires you plan on purchasing.

These are some of the questions you should ask every shop before deciding.

1) Can You Explain The Basics Of Tires To Me?

A good retailer will be able to quickly summarise the tire basics to a prospective customer. This explanation should be offered and customers should be able to ask further questions about tread, maintenance and wear without feeling as if they are irritating the consultant that they’re dealing with. This shows prospective customers that you are indeed knowledgeable of the industry and are open to giving out more information, without expecting a sales transaction.

2) Can You Recommend The Best Set For My Vehicle? 

Another important question to ask would be what the shop recommends for your vehicle. Ideally, retailers should be able to offer prospective customers at least two options, ranging from high to low prices with similar features and attributes. They should explain why each option would make for a suitable purchase and offer any other suggestions with future care and maintenance to extend the lifespan on each.

3) Do You Offer A Warranty And After-Sales Service? 

A warranty is often a sign of a professional retailer who is willing to take in defective tires sold without hesitation. If your retailer refuses to offer you a warranty on the tires or fitment then it is advisable to consider speaking to a few other shops in the area to find a more customer-centric service provider. After-sales service is also valuable, which offers support to customers after purchase by providing information on maintenance and even sending out reminders for your regular rotation and balancing check-ups.

These questions can quickly set apart retailers and can be influential in your decision of where to take your money. Service providers selling car tires in Auckland should be able to assure customers that they are compliant with industry standards, stock high-quality tires and provide excellent service. To learn more about our offering at Drury Tires, give us a call today.