How To Extend The Life Of Your New Tyres

How To Extend The Life Of Your New Tyres

We know better than anyone that a set of new tyres represents a substantial investment, even though it is a wise one. Having said that, we still have some good quality tyres in the budget category, but all the same, you still want to get more bang for your buck by extending the life of your new tyres for as long as you can. So, without further ado, here are some very easy ways to do just that.

  • Check the tread and rotate. It goes without saying that the more you drive on your tyres, the more the tread will wear down. But by checking the tread depths on respective tyres, you can rotate them to ensure the treads wear evenly, giving you more use out of the complete set. We can do all this for you.
  • Be aware of where you’re driving: By paying closer attention to the road surface and your surroundings you can add years to the life of your tyres. Being more vigilant when you’re driving will help you avoid potholes, uneven roads or even kerbs when you’re parking.
  • Inflation is important: You need to keep your tyres properly inflated. If they’re under-inflated, they reduce fuel efficiency and create excess heat which can mean blowouts and a higher likelihood of punctures. If they’re over-inflated, blowouts can also occur because of too much pressure, and your treads will wear out a lot faster. We’ll be happy to advise you on the right level of inflation for your new tyres.
  • Be a smoother driver: The way you drive influences the rate of wear on your tyres. Try and be a smoother driver with less aggressive gear changes, as well as gentler braking, acceleration and cornering.
  • Get us to do a wheel alignment: As well as selling you new tyres at a great price, we can also do wheel alignments for you down the track. This is an important service we offer because when your wheels are out of alignment, your tyre treads wear out unevenly. This means one part of the tyre becomes weaker and is more likely to get damaged. A regular wheel alignment will ensure your treads wear evenly and your new tyres last longer.

We can find the best new tyres for your vehicle, but you can help extend the life of those tyres by following those simple tips. It really is that easy to protect your smart investment!