How to get the best mechanic for the best price

How to get the best mechanic for the best price

For three decades, Drury Tires have grown to become the biggest individual automotive tyre outlet in the South Auckland area. In addition to our signature service, we also offer a full host of mechanical services, alignment, WOFs and MAG wheels repairs and sales. With this experience and knowledge comes a responsibility to our customers, and that’s why we’re confident that when you choose Drury Tires you’re choosing the right mechanic for the job. But how do you know what really makes a good mechanic?

  1. A good mechanic should… care about the customer, not just the car. This is why we record every sale against your number plate on your vehicle as soon as you arrive. Then we can monitor how long your job takes while you are waiting, if we took too long we will compensate you.
  2. A good mechanic should… guarantee his work. We aim to give you the best possible services. We are in a position to provide you with excellent product knowledge and service. We are not happy unless you are happy, that is why we promote this slogan. If you are happy with our goods and services tell your friends. If you aren’t, tell us.
  3. A good mechanic should… guarantee products they use. We are the only tyre company in New Zealand that allows you to trial your new tyres for a week, if you are not satisfied for any reason we will swap them over for another brand. Why do we offer the one week trial period? Because we are confident that we will get the right tyre for your needs the first time, but if for some reason we don’t, tell us.
  4. A good mechanic should… save you money, whilst ensuring the best level of care. With the experience and knowledge in the market we aim to give you the best possible prices with the best possible services. We are confident we can lower your total car tyre expenditure.
  5. A good mechanic should… continue to care about your car after you leave the garage. We monitor exactly how many kilometres you get from new tyres, if the tyres we sold you wear out prematurely we will sort this out for you.

We hope that helps in your search for a good mechanic in South Auckland, wherever that may be. Contact our experts today if you require the best customer service and quality car care in the South Auckland area.