How To Inspect A Car Before Purchase

How To Inspect A Car Before Purchase

There are several advantages to buying a vehicle second hand. The cost reduction is often the determining reason as to why so many choose to go the used car route. This option is also likely to offer you more value for money, with lower insurance premiums. The problem is that finding your dream vehicle at an affordable price can be tempting enough to ignore all the warning signs. As specialists in tires NZ, this is a problem we often hear in the industry from people who bought a vehicle without properly inspecting it. Their efforts to save money quickly become a priority but over time they realise that without an accurate assessment, the car was essentially more expensive in the long run due to constant repairs and servicing.

Assuming a car is in good condition because of a clean exterior with no apparent dents, can prove to be an unwise financial decision. However, due to the lack of mechanical knowledge or car evaluation techniques, many may not be sure what to look out for. With this blog post, we hope to provide some guidance for you for the next time you’re in the market.

Here are the key areas you should look out for before purchasing a secondhand vehicle.

Ensure All The Paperwork Matches Up 

Licensed vehicles usually carry years’ worth of documentation, confirming their validity of purchase and roadworthiness. You must scrutinise these thoroughly to confirm that you are indeed buying a legal car.

Inspect The Tires Thoroughly

Surprisingly enough, many people often forget about checking the tires of a prospective purchase. However, worn-out tires are just another expense you will need to account for after buying a secondhand vehicle. To avoid additional costs, inspect all four tires properly before purchasing the vehicle.

Assess All The Extras Closely

Other features which go ignored in the buying process are all the extras that come with the vehicle. The air conditioner, radio and even chargers should all be operational and if they aren’t, you can point to negotiate the price down further.

Make Sure To Test-Drive The Vehicle 

Although this is an obvious step of the buying process, some may not know they are entitled to a test-drive. Listen out for any unusual sounds, check how quick the car starts up and how it handles on the road.

After purchasing a secondhand car that you have thoroughly assessed, have a professional provide a comprehensive service on the vehicle. This will provide you with peace-of-mind, knowing that the car is ready to drive with any potential problems eliminated. As specialists in Tires NZ, we can offer you our expertise with all your mechanical concerns too. Contact us at Drury Tires for superb service and quality workmanship.