How To Look Good On The Road

How To Look Good On The Road

A lot of our regular customers own beautiful motorhomes and they come to see us before they leave on their grand road journeys around New Zealand. They come in for new tyres or a tyre check. They come in for professional mechanical servicing before they go – always a good idea. And, they also come in to see us because we can get their pride and joy looking as good as new again.

That’s because there is more to us than conventional car servicing involving grease and monkey wrenches! While we are very good at old fashioned vehicle servicing, and we love that side of our business, we also specialise in motorhome grooming as part of our valet service. We love doing that too!

We offer this special service for all vehicles but motorhomes are something we take a special interest in. We understand that people who own these big and lovely vehicles take a great deal of pride in them and they like to show them off at their best while they’re on each odyssey. You would have seen motorhome communities in New Zealand’s holiday hot spots, and how they usually park up together. This is where owners get to display their vehicles to others – and it’s at this point that our valet service really proves its worth. So, before they depart on their road trip, a lot of those people come to us and then they depart in their “hotel on wheels” which looks like a million dollars.

As we said, we offer this valet service for all vehicles and here is what we can do for you.

  • A thorough and careful wash of the vehicle’s exterior
  • Vacuum interior of the vehicle
  • Vacuum the boot of the vehicles
  • Windows cleaned until they’re sparkling
  • Wheels washed
  • Tyres and mud flaps dressed
  • fA full wipe over the Interior of the vehicle
  • A quick wipe of the door jambs
  • Full wax and polish if required

As you can see, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to making a vehicle look its very best. That’s very important for everyone, no matter what you drive. But for motorhome owners, with so much prestige on the line, it’s particularly important. So, if you are fortunate enough to own a motorhome, come and see us before you take off on your next road holiday. We’ll help you get around New Zealand in a sparkling clean style.