How to make WOFs affordable

How to make WOFs affordable

WOFs can feel like an annoying chore but remember they are there for your safety first and foremost. Renewing yours is your responsibility, driving your car after expiry is a breach of the law and can result in a $200 fine (unless you’re driving it to a WOF test). We’ve put together a guide on affordable WOFs and how to achieve the best chance of passing the first time around. New vehicles don’t need a WOF until the 3rd anniversary of their first registration, but any car older than that requires an annual WOF. If you don’t have a new vehicle, here’s how to pass.

Book in advance:

If your vehicle fails its WOF inspection, you are given 28 days to have the vehicle fixed and re-inspected. During these 28 days you are permitted to continue driving the vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, however, these 28 days do not act as an extension to your WOF expiry date and you leave yourself open to receiving a fine. Book your WOF today with Drury Tires.

Post-dated WOF:

Booking in advance doesn’t mean you’re eating into your existing WOF. A WOF can be post-dated for up to 14 days. This means if your WOF is due to expire on 14th March, you can have an inspection on 28 February and, if it passes, your WOF will be post-dated to 14th March, so you don’t lose any validity.

Fix issues quickly:

Repairing your vehicle’s faults within the 28 days means your re-inspection will be free. If this expires, you’ll have to pay for a new inspection.

Beware of cheap WOF promotions:

If your vehicle fails its WOF, the WOF fee is usually insignificant compared to the repair cost. Cheap WOF deals often rely on finding many faults and making their money back with additional repairs.

Checks to do before your inspection:

  • Lights: One of the most common fails is a headlight, brake light or indicator being out. Turn them on and walk around your vehicle to check.
  • Tyre pressure and tread: Pump your tyres up to their recommended PSI and check your tyre tread is above the minimum requirement of 1.5mm
  • Windscreen: Check for damage and check wipers work
  • Fluids: Is your brake fluid, windscreen washer and oil tanks full with no leaks?
  • Seatbelts and doors: These need to open and close properly
  • Warning lights: Having a warning light on on the dashboard will fail a WOF

For a fair and affordable WOF book yours with Drury Tires now.