How to Prolong The Lifespan Of Your New Tires

How to Prolong The Lifespan Of Your New Tires

As a tyre specialist, we don’t need to tell you how important we perceive tyres to be. As the only surface touching the road, they are what keep us in control when accelerating, steering, and braking. Having a quality set of tyres with appropriate tread and premium rubber compounds that are suitable for your vehicle and driving style is essential. When purchasing tyres from us, there are a number of things that we guarantee.

  • All products come with a full guarantee
  • Free puncture repair for the first 6 months on all new tyres
  • Money back guarantee offered for the life of the tyre on manufacturing defects
  • Return policy on new tyres within a week of purchase


How To Make Your New Tyres Last Longer

Even with our unmatched service and guarantees, buying new tyres isn’t something you’ll want to do too often. To save money and be eco-friendly, it’s important to prolong the life of our tyres.

Here are the best ways to do so:


Get Semi-regular Wheel Alignments

When you buy new tyres, make sure to get your wheels aligned at the same time so your new tyres wear evenly across the tread. Uneven wear can dramatically reduce the life of your tyres as well as be detrimental to performance. It can cause one side of the tyre to become weaker and therefore be more prone to puncture and failure.


Purchase Tyres in Pairs

Another way to reduce uneven wear is to purchase tyres in pairs. When replacing a front tyre, you should always replace both front tyres. The same goes with the rear. This is so they are even and, with the help of this guide, will wear evenly through their extended life.


Adjust Your Driving Style

Accelerating quickly, braking hard, turning sharply. The outcome of all of these is quicker tyre wear. So slow down, drive more conservatively and enjoy long-lasting rubber from Drury Tires.


Driving Surface

As tyre experts, inform us where you often drive. Are you constantly driving in the wet? Is most of your driving on the motorway or do you hit the unsealed roads around Auckland? By learning more about your driving style, we can help you select the best tyres for your car.


Tyres Inflation

The PSI level of tyres is important. Keeping them at the recommended inflation level means they will perform better and last longer. If they’re under-inflated, they reduce fuel efficiency and create excess heat which can mean blowouts and a higher likelihood of punctures. If they’re over-inflated, blowouts can also occur because of too much pressure, and your treads will wear out a lot faster.


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