Let’s Be Better Drivers In 2021

Let’s Be Better Drivers In 2021

It might be too late to make New Year’s resolutions but it’s never too late to become better drivers in 2021. So let’s challenge ourselves to improve the way we do things behind the wheel this year. We’re not just talking about you. We’re talking about the team at our tyre shop as well. Together, we can make our roads a safer place to be and here are a few ways to achieve that.

  • Watch our speed. In 2021, we can take our foot off the pedal a little and drive at the right speed. That means staying within the limits we see on local road signs and driving to the conditions e.g slowing down in wet weather, or when driving through a road works site.
  • Stop tailgating. Why don’t we all begin to appreciate that driving on the roads is not a race? There’s no need to be so close to the car in front of us so let’s ease up and leave a bigger and safer gap between vehicles.
  • Be more patient. An impatient driver becomes an angry driver and an angry driver becomes a menace. In 2021, when we’re in a traffic jam or travelling behind slower vehicles, let’s take a deep breath and chill out.
  • Use our indicators. As a courtesy to others, and to avoid collisions because other drivers are unaware of our intentions, why don’t we use our indicators a little more?
  • Go back to the Road Code. We might have had our licences for a long time and think we know everything there is to know about driving but a refresher course wouldn’t hurt us. So let’s buy a copy of the latest Road Code and get up to date with the rules.
  • Don’t drive tired. Driver fatigue is a killer, so in 2021 let’s start every journey feeling fresh and stay wide awake throughout. We should aim to get a good night’s sleep before we set off, and take regular breaks while we’re on the road. Stretch the legs on a regular basis, or take a 20-minute power nap should we start to feel sleepy.
  • Look ahead. Look 10 to 12 seconds ahead to see developing hazards in front of us. If we see traffic slowing down we can reduce our speed and reduce the risk of a nose-to-tail accident because we won’t be caught out at the last minute.

It’s up to all of us to be better drivers in 2021. To make things even safer, make sure you’re driving on good tyres!