After several years of happy driving, your current tyres are no longer roadworthy and will need replacing. Getting new tyres is easy enough to do – as all you need to do is visit Drury Tyres to select and fit a pair. Before you think of handing your old tyres over for disposal, why not hang on to them and repurpose them instead? There are dozens of alternative uses you can find for used tyres Auckland in and around your home that could end up saving you money. Here are a few of them:

1) Make Your Garden More Child-Friendly

If your garden is equipped with a sturdy and robust tree, why not consider creating a simple tyre swing mounted at an appropriate height? It’s something your children will love, and you can also create one for personal use for when you want to spend some time outdoors. Alternately you can place a few tyres together and fill them with the playpen sand to create a DIY sandpit for kids to play in.

2) Use It For Weight Training

You can use your tyres as part of a new outdoor workout routine, provided you have the necessary space. If you can safely lift the tyre in question, you can build your arm and shoulder muscles with tyre flips. You can also set them up to create a circuit where you jump between tyres or even over them for a cardiovascular workout. Tyres can also be used as a footrest for a more challenging push up.

3) Place A Few DIY Planters

If you lack garden space or need more pot plants, old tyres are a suitable, low-cost alternative. Simply paint them and then fill them with soil and you’ll have a base for planting flowers or even vegetables unusually and attractively. Because they’re portable you can easily move them around to display them on your deck or patio or cover them should the weather take a turn for the worse.

With so many uses for old tyres, there’s no need to add them to our already overflowing landfills. Why not implement these ideas the next time you need to toss your tyres? If you need new ones, contact Drury Tyres for assistance.