New Tires And Their Benefits

New Tires And Their Benefits

Replacing tires in Auckland can seem expensive, overwhelming and often a difficult choice to make because of the various options available on the market. Without having any knowledge of tires, deciding between new tires or secondhand, most of us are tempted by the low prices of previously owned tires. They tend to be much cheaper and their cost-effectiveness is often the determining factor when it comes to changing up your set. But this is only one point of consideration and although the price is influential, it’s important to understand that there are other factors to consider also when looking for that new set. 

If you are in the position to purchase new tires, here are some of the advantages you can enjoy when purchasing new ones. 

Take Advantage Of High-Performing Traction

Secondhand tires have been used already and regardless of their wear or slightly good condition, they will have decreased traction nevertheless. This can be significant in extreme weather conditions, uneven road surfaces and rough terrain. New tires, on the other hand, will have improved traction because they have never been used before and this will put you in good stead when driving on the road. 

Enjoy Better Performance 

New tires also have a better driving range and performance, as opposed to secondhand tires. Over time, tires start to wear and this affects the vehicle’s handling on the road. New tires will not have this issue and with correct inflation, rotation and balancing will ensure a smoother drive every single time. 

Always The Safer Option

As much as we highly recommend the use of secondhand tires, not every provider in the industry is reputable or trusted, so you never know when your secondhand tires will fail you. Going to a less established tire shop may lead to you purchasing previously owned tires which are not in good shape. Even if you believe you have checked the tires properly and ask for a warranty, tears and cracks can slip through the naked eye. To the untrained eye, it can be hard to spot and some may only inspect the outside of the tires, which can be dangerous to you and other road users. 

Although most reputable tire providers will always strive to offer customers both new and secondhand tires in excellent condition, it is still up to the vehicle owner to assess and evaluate either properly before making their final decision. Second Hand tires can sometimes be the best choice for you right now as well as for your finances, so we don’t ever discourage customers to disqualify them hastily. 

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